Scalr створений у 2007 році, на зорі cloud-революції. Ми із самого початку хотіли зробити порядок із хаосу і цим полегшити життя великим компаніям, які змінюють наш світ. Вже тоді було ясно: перехід на автоматизоване управління обчислювальними ресурсами дасть користувачам більшу свободи дій, допоможе краще контролювати витрати і посилить безпеку.
29 октября 2018

Python Developer (вакансия неактивна)

Львов $2000–3500

Необходимые навыки

— 3+ years of Python programming experience
— Concurrency and parallelism (threading, multiprocessing, gevent, asyncio, etc.)
— Algorithms and data structures.
— OOP and Design patterns
— DevOps experience (one from Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, etc.)
— Basic Linux and Windows administration skill.

Будет плюсом

— BA/BS in Computer Science or related technical field
— MySQL — database design, query optimization


— comfortable environment in nice, warm and cozy office (close to the city center)
— possibility to come up with ideas, be heard and see them implemented
— professional development (external and internal training, tech talks, etc.)
— fair rewards based on your qualification and results
— long-term contract and tax compensations
— flexible schedule (reasonably)
— paid vacation and sick leaves
— medical insurance
— corporate events, pizza parties and a lot of fun
— relocation expenses to Lviv (if necessary)


— estimate
— code
— write technical documentation on your code

О проекте

The Python team is working on the backend services of Scalr and the DevOps automation of the servers that Scalr is running.
It is important to see, understand and control cost aspects of Cloud infrastructure. When an organization has tens of thousands of different cloud resources on several cloud platforms, and hundreds of people work with these resources in different teams on different projects, then without smart tools it is impossible to track what, when and how much money the organization spends on their infrastructure. Our Cost Manager collects the billing data from AWS, Azure, OpenStack and other clouds, configured in an organization in real time, and does business analytics. From a developer prospective Cost Manager is full of data streams, concurrency, coordination and efficient data structures. Stack: InfluxDB, CPython, RabbitMQ, MySQL.
To get more value from Scalr and automate various aspects of OS, customers can install the agent on their server. It is Scalarizr — the DevOps ninja of Scalr. It automates Linux and Windows servers configuration and interacts with other configuration management tools: such as Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, and software such as Docker, CoreOS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ etc. Scalarizr also acts as OS metrics and utilization collector. There are lots of DevOps stuff in Scalarizr.

The Scalr is Enterprise-Grade Cloud Management Platform which enables today’s enterprises to achieve cost-effective, automated and standardized application deployments across multi-cloud environments. Scalr utilizes a hierarchical, top-down approach to policy enforcement that empowers administrators to find the balance between the needs of finance, security, IT and development teams. Leading global organizations have selected the Scalr platform, including Samsung, Expedia, NASA JPL, Gannett and Food & Drug Administration