We are building the next generation of Cloud Management Platform for enterprises: highly focused on Terraform, DevOps, GitOps, everything as code, consistency, and simplicity. By joining our team, you’ll face the challenges and tradeoffs of building a highly reliable production system composed of modern microservices.
23 листопада 2023

Senior Python Developer (вакансія неактивна)

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Company Overview
Scalr is a SaaS product company that offers everything necessary to scale Terraform. We have a strong emphasis on Terraform, DevOps, GitOps, the “everything as code” philosophy, consistency, and simplicity. Scalr builds a management layer on top of Terraform, which helps DevOps scale to their entire organization. As an engineering organization, we follow a DevOps approach as well, researching cloud services, adopting best practices, and using Terraform throughout. This helps us better understand our customers’ problems and use cases.
As we expand our offerings, we are seeking a skilled Backend Engineer with a passion for pushing the boundaries of technology to solve complex problems.

Position Overview
As a Backend Engineer, you will play a crucial role in designing and constructing the core backend systems, which are divided into several essential aspects: a worker responsible for background tasks, a highly performant API developed using Flask based on the JSON-API specification, and an Agent that communicates with our server. The principal stack includes Python, MySQL, Go, RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes, and various Python libraries for different problem domains such as cloud, networking, data, concurrency, parsers, etc. You will be an integral part of our platform, contributing significantly to ensuring its reliability, scalability, and efficiency.
Also at Scalr, we believe that the best software is produced when engineers take pride and ownership of the code they write, which is why engineers are expected to provide customer support. We value troubleshooting skills and customer empathy because, at the end of the day, writing good code and helping customers be successful is what lays the foundation for building great companies.

🔹 4+ years of backend programming experience
🔹 Concurrency and parallelism (threading, multiprocessing, gevent, asyncio, etc.)
🔹 OOP and Design patterns
🔹 Relational database design and query optimization
🔹 English — Upper-intermediate

Would Be a Plus:
🔹 Experience with Go
🔹 DevOps experience (Terraform, Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, etc.)
🔹 Knowledge of Linux systems
🔹 Knowledge of network protocols (TCP/IP stack, sockets, HTTP/HTTPS, etc.)
🔹 Experience in full-stack web development (ReactJS)

As Part of Our Team, You Will Work On:
🔹 Development of remote state & Operations backend for Terraform
🔹 API development for Infrastructure as Code platform — configuration and management of the user environment using UI/API
🔹 Integration with third-party services — VCS, online payments, cloud computing, etc.
🔹 Implementation of best practices for coding, testing, and deployment to uphold the quality of the codebase.
🔹 Engaging in code reviews, fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement among the engineering team.
🔹 Contributing to the identification and resolution of bottlenecks and performance challenges, enhancing the overall efficiency of the system.
🔹 Taking ownership of features, delivering features from idea to production
🔹 Providing customer support and demonstrating commitment to code quality through active participation in troubleshooting efforts.

Challenges You’ll Need to Meet:
🔹 Each task is unique and will require immersion in the subject
🔹 Studying third-party services APIs, understanding Terraform behavior, and designing internal services
🔹 Involvement in extensive research and development
🔹 Modernizing legacy approaches

Scalr Offers:
The opportunity to work with an interesting product in an enjoyable environment
The chance to see how your ideas and visions are realized
Attractive compensation and benefits package
Flexible schedule and the possibility to work entirely remotely
Medical insurance
20 working days of paid vacation and 2 weeks of sick leave