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Unfortunately, I strongly do NOT recommend this company.

These are the reasons why:

1. I was accused of lying when I took a day off. No proof existed as I took the day off for health reasons. The company then fired me solely because of this baseless allegation. My argumentation was not heard. I was told I was fired effective immediately despite the fact that when you start both sides mutually agree on a 2-week notice period.
What is more, on the call with me the director phrased it as if it was unclear why I took the day off. (They did not care to hear me out.) The director then sent a message to all the employees clearly stating that I was caught lying, which I absolutely was not. I had to take a sick day and I really wish I did not have to publicly explain why and could keep my privacy.

2. Micromanagement and prioritizing are big problems — separately and together.
For example, you might be working on a challenging task and not immediately reply with a “thank you” message to someone’s message. Then, this will be presented as a big problem, as in “how come you aren’t immediately available to respond — you must be distracted”. Even though in reality my undivided attention is fully given to the task that is a bigger priority than a thank-you Slack message.

3. No proper feedback. No development plan or any KPIs.
In the rare cases when there is some feedback, it is not structured and / or clear. Not until the salary review meeting that is.
You’re expected to sense whether you’re on the right track. Then, during the salary review is when you’re given some points you could improve on.

+ The product itself is interesting to work with — dynamically changing and growing.
+ You’ll grow (which is good for you personally but is ignored by the company).
+ Some of the people I worked with were outstanding professionals and I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to work with them.

I’m not big into reviews, but I thought my experience might be valuable.

Команда близьких по духу професіоналів. Мені було дуже комфортно тут працювати.

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