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Scalors GmbH is a software nearshoring company with a headquarter in Germany and development center in Kyiv.

We offer cutting edge software development services, access to IT specialists and coaching in agile methodologies. Our three German founders have many years of experience in nearshoring and software development.

We are specialized in the VIRTUAL TEAM MODEL (VTM). Our clients define which kind of developers and consultants they require, and in a short period we will recruit and build a team of consultants to work exclusively for them.

We will provide office space, equipment, recruitment, and retention — our clients will be able to integrate this team into their company’s processes. You will perceive this team as your own employees.

In addition we recruit IT specialists for you all across Europe taking care of the entire process.

We provide IT experts for the following technologies:

.NET, C++, C#
Web development in JavaScript, PHP, .Net, Ruby on Rails
iOS, Android, Windows
Mainframe technologies, e.g. COBOL
SAP, Dynamics, Navision etc.
Software development for embedded systems

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Phone: +49 421 408958-70

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