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Scalamandra is a Ukrainian outsourcing company. We help to achieve the business goal via developing the software. To do this, we develop websites, platforms, automation systems, and process optimization. We help to find and satisfy the true need of the business. We apply passion and love to our job, together with expertise and generally recognized practices.

To start working, we need to discuss the order and develop requirements. After that, we prepare the outline and design the product for approval. We select the project development methodology based on a product and a Client’s wishes. We use the Change-Driven and Plan-Driven approaches as well as all the necessary practices: version control system, CI and CD, full testing to ensure a Client that there are no issues in the product.

We are contacted when there is only an idea and a reliable team is needed to build MVP, when you need help with creating a website or parts of it. Also, if there is a need for a resource that will help advertise a business, automate and digitalize its processes.

Each and every business needs innovation and constant change. To do this, we introduce Artificial Intelligence, develop systems that cope with a huge amount of data.

Our motto: Use the maximum of your talent!