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Львів, Дублін (Ірландія), Таллінн (Естонія)

We help to achieve business goals by developing software solutions and providing high-performing, on-demand teams of developers. Our company is involved in developing websites, analytical dashboards, automation systems, and mobile applications. We make it possible for our clients to take the next step in modernizing legacy applications using functional programming and cutting-edge technologies Scala, Node.js React.js, etc.

Why Scalamandra? Our name represents two ideas. Scala is our favorite programming language and Salamandra is a lizard, which is listed on the IUCN Red List.

We are 100% remote with teams around the world and we believe that developers can work effectively whether they are in the office or not. This is approved by the results and reviews from our customers.

Our motto: Use the maximum of your talent!