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Samsung Research and Development Institute Ukraine (SRK) is one of the units of R&D infrastructure of Samsung Electronics.
30 октября 2020

English Native Speaker (based in Kyiv) (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— English as a native language;
— 6+ months experience using smartphones (Android OS);
— Own SIM card;
— Being active smartphone user (average smartphone screen usage time exceeds 3 hours per day).


— Remote project work;
— S20 Ultra smartphone for personal use (for the duration of the project);
— 40 days contract, stable salary during this period.


— Use the English language on a regular basis at home and work (incl. writing messages, e-mails);
— Actively use our smartphone (> 3 hours a day) in the everyday sense as the main smartphone:
• Make calls;
• Use mobile internet;
• Check emails and write letters;
• Use browser (news, Google search, etc.);
• Use Facebook (including writing posts);
• Use Instagram (optional).

О проекте

Samsung is an amazing place to work with great people in an outstanding environment.
With us you will have an opportunity to be a part of innovation that makes a real difference in the lives of millions of people worldwide.
Samsung R&D Institute Ukraine (SRK) is a part of Samsung Electronics global R&D network specialized in computer vision, context-aware intelligent services, graphics, augmented and virtual reality as well as information protection.

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