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Прага (Чехія)

We are an AdTech Company developing the data analytical framework that is currently widely used in some of the largest e-commerce sites in Czech Republic.
We are proud to be on the forefront of automation and artificial intelligence, developing applications that empower our users. We love technology not just for what it is and offers our clients, but for all the unlocked potential it represents.
Technology is our lifeblood. We actively search out and track the latest software and hardware solutions, trying to always utilize the most efficient means of getting the job done.
Since our founding, we have always believed that our customers will only reach their highest potential if our team can do the same. From this mindset comes our entire belief system: that “Our customers won’t thrive, if our team and workplace aren’t thriving too.”
To that end, we work hard at providing a welcoming, engaging, and rewarding atmosphere for our team. One that actively encourages idea-sharing, constructive feedback, and transparent working and project processes.