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8 июля 2021

Senior Java Developer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

We’re looking for someone that:

1. Loves to write code and has good algorithmic skills
2. Is agile so first and foremost has the right agile mindset and second is aware of principles and practices that support and scale agility
3. Learns and plays continuously, so is able to quickly assess the value of any technology
4. Has a minimum of 5 years of experience developing in Java; the years of experience are not that important but we would like to know what is put into those years
5. Is familiar with some of the Java technologies described above, where the Spring family (Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, ...) has a well deserved first place
6. Knows how to build services that scale, in general, is familiar with how to implement architectural concerns like availability, layering, reliability, reuse, serviceability, and security
7. Cares about code quality and craftsmanship; enjoys aspects like code review, static code analysis, the pyramid of tests, test automation to a high degree
8. Is a product developer; cares about his products and about the customers; wants to be involved in all the SDLC and beyond and consistently questions if what is going to be built is going to bring value to his customers
9. Is a firm believer in freedom and responsibility; this continues to be a core principle in what we do here in Language Cloud and RWS Cluj
10. Knows how to get things done and learned that make it run then make it right then make it fast is a good recipe for quick delivery
11. Wants to be part of a Scrum team that is highly self-organized, owns microservices from inception to production support (you build it, you run it mentality) and is in synch with other Scrum teams implementing Scaled Agile Framework
12. Believes that in modern software development attitude and motivation plus ability to learn fast is more important than skills and expertise
13. Takes time to sharpen the saw and to enjoy the journey

О проекте

Who we are, what we are doing?

Language Cloud is a SaaS platform developed by RWS that exposes as a service the best of our language capabilities and of the language expertise that made us leaders in the translation industry.

We are building Language Cloud in a microservice architecture using Java, JavaScript but we are always open to any development language that might prove to be a fit for a certain capability. We are adopters of leading OSS cloud stacks like Netflix OSS and Spring Cloud for building resilient, fault-tolerant and scalable products. Our developers believe in giving back to the community and are actively involved in the OSS projects through pull requests or technical discussions.

The microservices developed in Java are based on Spring Boot, therefore Spring is our preferred framework. The microservices are usually exposed through a REST API and are consumed through SDKs or by our own web applications which are usually built in ExtJS. Our engineers are familiar with multiple build and deploy pipelines. We implement Continuous Delivery by using tools like Maven, Jenkins, Selenium, Cucumber and JMetter, Pact, Nexus and deploying our services through Chef recipes on a hybrid cloud offered by NTT and Amazon AWS.