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RubyGarage is an Estonian IT company that has been developing web and mobile software since 2011 and providing consulting services to technology startups and enterprise organizations around the world. Our team consists of engineers, designers, managers, and analysts. Thanks to our talented professionals, we achieve new successes every day.

Our company has three areas of activity:

🔺Software development agency
With the help of technology, we solve the business problems of companies worldwide and meet their customers’ needs.

RubyGarage has four departments:
▪️Product Management. No RubyGarage project is complete without business modeling, identifying and formulating requirements, writing specifications, creating a release plan and risk management plan, and building a solid team. This is how we reduce software development time and costs;
▪️Design. Design at RubyGarage is a multi-step process designed to solve users’ problems and needs. Creating intuitive products focused on meeting the needs of users is the primary goal of our Design Department;
▪️Engineering. The development of quality software requires substantial technical expertise and optimized processes. This is precisely what RubyGarage’s programming and engineering department provides;
▪️Quality Assurance. Testing in RubyGarage is not just about finding bugs in software. This is a test of how the product will work in current conditions of use. Project stability is the top goal of our Quality Assurance department!

🔺Own products
We create our products for customers’ needs and a broader range of users. Our portfolio includes solutions such as:
▪️ — SaaS-product for companies and independent specialists engaged in online consulting;
▪️MarketAge — white-label product for rapid development of marketplaces for food trade;
▪️ShopApp is a designer for creating iOS and Android applications for online stores on popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, as well as developed from scratch.

🔺Educational initiatives
We are such an ambitious team that developing high-quality products is not a reason to stop! New challenges, challenges, and new opportunities, why not?
▪️Free courses. Continuous learning and knowledge sharing are about us! That’s why we started free Ruby / Ruby on Rails programming courses.
▪️Events. RubyGarage is a community where everyone can feel supported, gain their dream knowledge and share it with others.
▪️Intership. We have opened a separate area of ​​study based on each department. During the training period, we provide each employee with both a team and an experienced individual mentor. All of these factors help professionals grow from beginner to Junior / Middle.

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