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Rozdoum is an official Atlassian Solution Partner and Atlassian Marketplace Partner with office locations in Ukraine and USA. More than 15 years the Rozdoum team has been trained, committed, and working with the Atlassian toolset.

As an official Atlassian Solution Partner, Rozdoum provides a wide range of Atlassian consulting services:
1.Integrations of Atlassian tools with other applications.
2. Custom app development to extend Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket functionality.
3. Consulting Assessment.
4. Upgrade & Migrations.
5. Support.
6. Licensing.
7. Setup and Configuration.

Rozdoum Atlassian experts developed about 35 custom apps for its clients and 10 apps were developed for Atlassian Marketplace because of our internal teams’ needs.

Our clients are large companies from the USA, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Austria and Australia working in various industries.

If you want to deliver meaningful products, apply your CV and join our team ➤➤➤

Being a Rozdoumite means:
▸ a long-term partnership
▸ having excellent professional and career opportunities
▸ being under the flexible schedule and no bureaucracy

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