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9 лютого 2024 GameDev

Unreal Engine 3D developer (Zibra AI) (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, за кордоном, віддалено

Hello, future Rooshmate.

Zibra AI is a Ukrainian deep-tech company building a platform for creating AI-Generated assets for any virtual world and experience. We aim to speed up and simplify the creation process with the power of Generative AI. Currently, we’re focusing on solving two major content challenges — creating interactive VFX and creating 3D content and characters.

Proud to be a part of Roosh — a Ukrainian company that creates and invests in AI and ML-focused projects, aiming to build Ukraine as the European center for artificial intelligence.

You will:

  • research new approaches for lighting techniques like Global Illumination, SSAO, Shadows, etc.
  • implement products based on team research.

About you:

  • 2+ years of experience with Unreal Engine;
  • 2+ years of experience in C++;
  • deep knowledge in graphics pipeline — DX11/DX12/OpenGL/Vulkan/Consoles APIs
  • strong understanding of modern graphics techniques;
  • knowledge of shader languages HLSL/GLSL;
  • experience in the development of games for any platform;
  • experience with mobile is a plus;

How’s the hiring process going?

Our hiring process is designed to ensure that we are a perfect match. So be ready to come across:

— interview with Recruiter: we’ll talk about Roosh and answer all your questions;
— call with your future Manager: we’ll discuss the role and the project in detail;
— test task: we want to see how you think, bring ideas, and work with info. Then we’ll give you feedback;
— culture fit interview: a final call with the team to make sure our culture and values click;
— reference check: during the process, we’ll contact your previous workplaces to hear something even more exciting about you.

Still not sure whether to go for Roosh or not? Check our values to resonate with yours first here. Anyway, thanks for your interest.

If you are an applicant, please read the note below.

Thank you for your interest in Zibra. Our hiring team will review your CV and any other relevant information within five working days. If your experience and skills fit our jobs requirements — we will arrange a call to get to know each other better. Otherwise, we aren’t quite ready to proceed with you at this moment. Our journey has just started, and we’d love to stay connected as our team continues to grow and more opportunities become available. We wish you the best of luck with your application and in your search.