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27 липня 2023 GameDev

Machine Learning Engineer (Zibra AI) (вакансія неактивна)


Hello, future Rooshmate.

Who we are: ZibraAI is a Ukrainian deep-tech startup. We are creating an ecosystem of AI-assisted complementary solutions for virtual content creation. Our main goal is to bring a new level of realistic visual effects, improve & speed up the game development process with the power of AI.

What we are doing: we are building products based on our cutting-edge core technology. Currently, in the works:

  • Zibra Effects helps game developers to create interactive CG-level VFX with AI-based no-code solutions.
  • Zibra Generation — is a simple and intuitive tool for 3D object generation based on user input from images, text, videos, and concept art to semi-automate the process.

We are looking for a skilled and experienced Machine Learning Engineer who dares to go beyond average. You will join a team of 6 game changers led by Vladyslav Zavadskyi. If you are all into making the virtual universe more real than reality and bringing cutting-edge features — hurry up to join us.

It’s all about you:

— have practical expertise in Generative Deep Learning,
— know how to find best possible baseline and how to conduct your own research to improve it,
— have a problem-solving mindset and focused on obtaining the result,
— love challenges and are able to learn and move fast,
— proficient in Python and DL frameworks (preferably PyTorch),
— have experience with high performance languages (C++, Rust).

Would be a plus:

— experience with CG pipelines (3D graphics and geometry) esp. in connection with ML,
— worked with meshes and/or implicit representations,
— practical knowledge of CUDA and GPU programming.


— make an impact on a global scale,
— lots of challenges and growth opportunities,
— high degree of professional freedom & autonomy,
— team of skilled experts, who are also your friends,
— stock options.

How’s the hiring process going?

Our hiring process is designed to ensure that we are a perfect match. So be ready to come across:
— interview with Recruiter: we’ll talk about Roosh and answer all your questions,
— intro call with your future Manager: we’ll discuss the role and the project in detail,
— test task and tech interview: we want to see how you think, bring ideas, and work with info. Then we’ll give you feedback,
— culture fit interview: a final call with the team to make sure our culture and values click,
— reference check: during the process, we’ll contact your previous workplaces to hear something even more exciting about you.

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ZibraAI — empowering game creators!


Liquids Website

Unity Asset Store


Still not sure whether to go for Roosh or not? Check our values to resonate with yours first here. Anyway, thanks for your interest.

We’ll review your CV and everything you have sent us within five working days. If your background meets our needs — we’ll set up a call to get to know each other better. Otherwise, we aren’t quite ready to get along with you at this moment. But no worries — our journey has just started, and we’d love to stay in touch as our team grows and more opportunities emerge. We wish you the best of luck with your aspiration.