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25 липня 2022

Machine Learning Engineer (Zibra AI) (вакансія неактивна)


ZibraAI — ecosystem of the AI-assisted complementary tools for virtual content creation

Every year, the virtual worlds evolve. Every year, filling up these worlds with content takes more and more time and effort.

Here at ZibraAI, we develop a system of tools that bring a new level of realistic visual effects, improve and speed up the development process, and provide a hyper-personalized in-game experience to everyone, working along three main tracks — data compression, visual effects creation, and 3d content generation.

The ZibraAI Effects engine is a system of powerful AI-based solutions for creating realistic and interactive real-time particle simulations. The first product in this series is Zibra Liquids. It is a cross-platform, easy-to-use solution for liquid simulation, gaining popularity among developers due to its unique features and best-in-class performance.

The ZibraAI Compression engine is a next-gen AI-powered solution for compressing virtual volumetric data. It drastically decreases the asset size and simplifies working with:

  • SDFs
  • Precomputed lighting
  • Baked visual effects.

The ZibraAI 3d content generation engine is an AI-based technology that speeds up the creation of 3d content for all virtual worlds.

— Knowledge of Python and relevant libs;
— Mathematical and/or Algorithmic background;
— Expertise in Deep Learning and working with DL frameworks;
— Skill of staying on top of relevant research and knowing how to conduct your own;
— Problem-solving mindset; ability to learn fast and on the fly;
— Lack of fear of the unknown or practical knowledge of how to deal with it;
— Good communication skills.

Would be a plus:
— Experience in combining Deep Learning with 3D geometry;
— Familiarity with classical geometry processing algorithms;
— Working experience in 3D modeling environments (Blender, Maya, ZBrush);
— Practical knowledge of CUDA, C++

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ZibraAI — empowering game creators!


Liquids Website

Unity Asset Store


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