Room 8 Studio is an international art production and game dev outsourcing company providing external services worldwide! We are proud to work with 7/10 the top global publishers, including Activision, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Gameloft, EA, Xbox Game Studios, and many others.
25 січня 2022 GameDev

Technical Artist (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, за кордоном, віддалено

Room 8 Studio is one of the biggest game development service providers working with 5 out of the top 10 publishers around the world. The most outstanding companies are our partners — Remedy, Ubisoft, Gameloft, Activision, CD Projekt RED, EA, Xbox Game Studios, and many others.

Awesome team of professionals, the quality of results that you can be proud of, and drive in everything we do is our credo.

The next great challenge is coming

We are looking for a talented Technical Artist to become part of our remarkable team and help us make top-notch games. Join our passionate team and take a unique chance to work with entertaining game projects!

Superpowers you have are:

  • Experience working with Unity3D;
  • Knowledge of CG packages (Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Photoshop, and others);
  • Experience with version controls (git, svn, etc.);
  • Knowledge of render pipelines;
  • Understanding of the real-time rendering process in general, as well as optimization features;
  • Understanding the general principles of physics in the engine;
  • Experience with animation, VFX;
  • Profiling experience;
  • Experience with various lighting pipelines;
  • Experience in writing shaders;
  • Experience in scripting (C #, Python, MaxScript, etc.);
  • A personal portfolio (your products, prototypes) links to the games you helped develop with a description of what was done by you.

You’re a rockstar if you have:

  • Rich gaming experience, GD understanding of various game mechanics;
  • Art background, knowledge of art basics in form / color / light / composition, etc.;
  • Strong technical experience, and ability to solve any complex problems;
  • Deep understanding of the hardware device and the whole process of real-time rendering;
  • Experience in other engines/software.

Becoming a part of the Room 8 Studio team you will:

  • Develop pipelines, write and support technical documentation;
  • Prototype new solutions and mechanics;
  • Accept and control the quality of technical art components;
  • Draw up technical specifications for developers for art part of the project;
  • Provide support to the art department and other team members;
  • Optimize art for the technical limitations of target platforms;
  • Solve rendering tasks related to different departments (lighting, shaders), animation, physics, VFX;
  • Organize scenes and assets;
  • Research and look for ready-made third-party solutions;
  • Write scripts and tools to optimize work.

Join the team of inspiring game dev professionals, and get even more

  • Competitive financial reward (yes, we are fair enough);
  • Challenges to raise your XPs score (professional trainings and conferences, internal mentorship, English courses);
  • Health insurance paid vacation and sick leave;
  • Culture of diversity & inclusion to unite the most outstanding talents;
  • Community of people who understand your game passion.

Together we will bring games to the next level. Exactly with you.

P. S. In the future, we are looking for candidates with different backgrounds, so responsibilities and requirements will change along the way. If you do not have experience in all of the above, this is not critical, the main thing is the ability and a strong desire to learn quickly. Write, do not be shy :)