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21 листопада 2022 11:09

dumitru vranceanu, Business development manager

I am very disappointed with Room 8.
I live and work in Kyiv for more than 6 years and I never met such unprofessional company.
In 2018 I was contacted by Mariya Ignaticheva on LinkedIn with the proposal to collaborate since my skills at that time fit the company’s needs, and in the same message, I was asked if I am registered as self-employed.
I replied to her message saying that at that time I did not have open “ФОП”, but I responded that I can open a “ФОП” with no problem.
After a few hours, Mariya wrote me back that they can’t hire me because I was not a Ukrainian citizen.
This made me very angry since first of all they contacted me for collaboration, 2nd of all I am paying taxes in Ukraine like all the other citizens and I have permanent residence. This means that by Ukrainian law I have all the rights that a Ukrainian citizen has, only the right to vote is not permitted.
Of course, I send her paragraphs from Ukrainian law where I prove that I can be hired as a normal citizen without any additional problems for a Ukrainian company, but I was totally ignored.
Today after almost 4 years I reviewed the LinkedIn profile of Mariya and I saw, unfortunately, she became Talent Acquisition Team Lead, it is a shame that such an unprofessional employee became a Lead in your organization, or maybe this is not her fault and actually, politic inside of the company made her treat me like I am nobody.
I am very happy to say that after Room 8, I never met such unprofessional company in my career!

Підтримали:  Olha Telizhuk


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Dear Dumitru,

Thank you for getting back to us and pointing out the matter of your concern. I am an HR Business Partner at Room 8 Group and immediate supervisor for Mariya Ignaticheva. I will be happy to provide clarifications about this case. I also apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

The situation you experienced dates back to four years ago, and many things have changed since then — currently, we cooperate with specialists from many different countries. Back in 2018, our legal capacity of the Kyiv office could ensure cooperation solely with Ukrainian citizens. We carefully reviewed what happened with your case — returning quality feedback to our candidates and specialists is our priority.

Sadly, there was a miscommunication in our internal processes, which caused this situation you experienced. This issue was already fixed a while ago, and currently, we run smooth cooperation with specialists globally. Also, we have established and set up a transparent communication process with recruiters and other teams. Hence, it is easy to track the hiring process at every stage.

I find it important to add that over the years, Mariya has shown remarkable professionalism and care for her work, and we don’t question her professionalism in any way. Unfortunately, there was an internal process flaw, which is not an indicator of her professional performance.

We also appreciate you returning to us with the feedback. It helps our company improve our internal processes to provide the best cooperation experience for our candidates. We also hope that our professional paths may cross in the future.

We went separate ways with the company after 11 months of collaboration. I would say that was the best career decision. Such an experience made me take a sabbatical for a couple of months)))