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29 июля 2019

Project Manager/BA (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

●1+ years of experience working as a Project Manager in IT.
● Strong understanding of typical software project life cycle.
● Knowledge of business analysis and requirements management theory
● Experience in writing specifications and developing drafts of user interfaces.
●Good time management skills, ability to set up effective priorities and have a strong focus on “work-in-progress” tasks.
●Technical background is highly recommended
● Proven delegation skills
● Problem-solving skills
● Upper-intermediate English (the clients are English-speaking only)


• Competitive compensation, including equity options with regular performance-based salary and career development reviews;
• We have English classes, professional and personal training, conferences and webinars;
• Social/Employment benefits;
• Legal&tax support;
• Flexible work schedule;
• Career and proficiency development plans;
• Personal time off paid vacation and holidays;
• We have a comfortable office in the historical center of the city.


● Execute projects within discussed time-frame with high-end quality
● Define projects deliverables, resources planning, project plans and manage their development and delivery
● Ensure the quality of the project processes to meet leading quality standards
● Develop and support effective relationships and ongoing management processes for the project
● Handling support requests, ensuring clients satisfaction
● Manage risks, identify problems before they appear and work to develop solutions
● Remove project process bottlenecks, escalate and resolve issues
● Report project status and progress on a regular basis
● Provide consolidated reports, track the accuracy of project estimates
● Proactivity