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10 января 2022 Первая работа

Junior Data Management Specialist (aviation product)


Необходимые навыки

-Upper intermediate. Confident written and spoken English.
-Accuracy to details.
-Excellent communication and team working skills.
-Understanding of SCRUM methodology.
-Ability and willingness to learn fast and process big amount of information.
-Computer literacy and experience with Office 365
-Basic understanding of MySQL Workbench
-Ability to work within company policies and procedures.


-Comfortable office near Lviv city center at the park area;
-Paid vacation and sick leave;
-Flexible working hours;
-Additional days off for special occasions;
-Free English Courses;
-Trainings, seminars, conferences, certifications etc. fully or partially paid by the Company;
-Lunch and coffee/tea provided free by the company;
-Pizza/Sushi Day (every Thursday);
-Corporate events and celebrations


-Systematic aeronautical data update, correction and verification against official sources.
-Cooperation with data providers in case erroneous data sets are provided or if any clarifications are required.
-Regular analysis of data sets provided by different sources and finding the most accurate and reliable source.
-General monitoring of PAMS library and correction of various data-related errors.
-Monthly update of airport runway and obstacle data.
-Accuracy verification of aeronautical data on different platforms (web, iOS, Android).
-Quality assurance of aeronautical data obtained in any way including manual entry, semi-automated or auto-imported data;
-Consultation and cooperation with different departments within the company in regards to aeronautical data related issues.
-Creating georeferenced maps for WEB and Mobile versions of the platform.
-Daily reporting as per defined guidelines.
-Attendance of all required meetings, conferences and calls;
-Compliance with Scrum methodology (daily stand up meetings, reporting, retrospective meetings, etc.)

О проекте

RocketRoute is a leading aviation software company, helping flyers to get airborne, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. We have processed over one million flights and has more than 120,000 registered users flying worldwide.

Data Management Team at RocketRoute works with two main types of data: aircraft data and aero-navigation data.