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RocketRoute was founded in 2010 and now we are a leading aviation software company, helping flyers to get airborne, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. We have processed over one million flights and have more than 120,000 registered users flying worldwide.
31 октября 2019

Head of HR (вакансия неактивна)


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Head of HR is a key role in our company and we are looking for someone who is eager to become very important and influential part of RocketRoute family, someone who is happy to share his/her experience with all of us, who is eager to implement new ideas and approaches, and at the same time will readily continue our traditions. We believe that the ideal candidate will have:

5+ years of experience in HR, preferably in an IT company. Ideally if you have experience in managerial position. Additional experience in IT recruitment and/or administration will make you just perfect for us. But we appreciate that experience is not always key indicator of great leader, so if you feel this is the opportunity just for you please apply!

Attentive and accurate approach to work. Remember, HR may change lives! Would be unfair if someone’s life is messed up because of HR mistake!

Excellent interpersonal, communication and listening skills. After all HR is there to support people, right?

Proactive attitude and result orientation. Because HR always has commitments to business, at least in RocketRoute.

Effective multi-tasking and prioritization ability. Yes, there’s a lot to do and yes, you will have authority to prioritize! We work SCRUM by the way!

Stress management and Problem/Conflict Solving skills. It’s very important to be able to deal with your own stress and even more important to know how to calm down your colleagues and come out with a solution.

Strong people management abilities. Because our Team is the best thing we have and we really want to be sure they are happy and efficient in what they do.

Fluent English (both speaking and writing) is a must as everyday communication with management and reporting is in English, as well as the majority of HR Documentation.

We would expect a perfect candidate to have previous work experience in a similar position (preferably in IT Industry). However, it doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been working in this sphere, it’s about scope of responsibilities and tasks you had. So, if you feel that you are ready to take action, to make company wide decisions, to cooperate with business on top management level and at the same time take care of big RocketRoute Family — you are the one we definitely want to chat with!


If you join us, we promise that you will get great Team and awesome life and work experience here!

Besides that we are sure you will enjoy wonderful park just around the office building. It is always a pleasure having a cup of morning coffee and friendly chat in fresh park air on the bench just near the office...

Of course you will have paid vacation and sick leaves, flexible working hours and additional days off for special occasions.

Besides cookies and coffee/tea in the office you will also get free lunches paid by the company (with opportunity to choose from menu yourself). To make it even more attractive — each Thursday is pizza/sushi day, so you can order pizza or sushi instead of typical lunches.

As mentioned above English is very important in our company as our HQ is in UK and all the communication/documentation is in English. That’s why we provide free English Courses for all employees.

As a company we strive for our Employees to develop that’s why we are happy to fully or partially pay for your trainings, seminars, conferences, certifications etc.

And of course we have awesome corporate events and office parties you are always welcome to participate — in your case help organizing them as well :)


Now about what we actually expect you to be responsible for:

Manage HR Team. Our HR team consists of HR Specialists, Recruiters and Office Manager, however, it is very self organized, we work according to Scrum methodology and main expectation from you is to keep team motivated and happy!

Monitor and review HR policies for both Ukraine and UK offices. Yes, we forgot to mention that you will be working with both Ukrainian and UK teams. We already have a lot of processes and policies ready and functioning, however, we would appreciate you reviewing our approaches and provide your improvements based on your previous experience.

Monitor and participate in all HR procedures (Onboarding, Performance/Salary Review, Employee Motivation/Satisfaction, Retention, Event Management, Disciplinary and Exit procedures etc.). Our Team is doing a great job and is mostly covering all this, however , we would expect you to be ready to interfere when necessary, as well as being fully responsible for such sensitive and confidential things as for example Salary Review).

Constant cooperation with team managers. We would expect you as Head of HR to also be a great support and adviser to Managers, as well as mediator in their communication with staff if required.

Assure effective communication and cooperation of employees on all company structure levels. Here we would like to highlight that your role will be constant mediator between employees and business. With this we hope that you will find a perfect balance and manage the communication in the way all parties are satisfied.

Cooperation with the Finance department on budget planning and payroll preparations. Finance Department will become your best friend as they will be providing budgets for all your HR initiatives, however, they will also require support and some reporting from you on a monthly basis.

Report to C-Level. Our management is open to communication and mainly we build our cooperation on trust. In RocketRoute you will have a lot of authority and freedom. That’s why we do not have daily/weekly/monthly etc. performance reports. Though, sometimes it is important to sync with business. We expect you to be always open and ready to update business on current situation in the team.

О проекте

RocketRoute is an advanced online flight planning center. Our Team of developers makes it possible to do Flight Planning easy and straight forward for our clients all around the world. We provide services for Airlines, Operators and IFR Pilots.

Aviation is our passion and our main value is to make our customers happy and fully satisfied with our service.
We are constantly growing and developing company looking for highly motivated professionals who are eager to change the world by implementing new ideas and technologies!

If you read all the description above and it sounds close to what you enjoy doing at work or what your dream job should look like — please send your CVs to or apply via the form on the website! Please make sure your CVs are in English. If you wish to drop a short cover letter that would be definitely appreciated (but not mandatory).

Please be aware that by sharing your profile or CV with us all the personal data included in your CV/profile becomes available to RocketRoute for processing. To monitor and manage your personal data under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) please contact All the requests are processed within 72 hours.

We appreciate if you include following statement your application/CV:
“I hereby give consent for my personal data included in the resume to be processed for the purposes of recruitment under the General Data Protection Regulation”.

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