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RocketRoute Ltd.

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RocketRoute was founded in 2010 and now we are a leading aviation software company, helping flyers to get airborne, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. We have processed over one million flights and have more than 120,000 registered users flying worldwide.

Our Team makes it possible to use RocketRoute services anywhere, on any device and brings together into one system, everything the individual pilot or flight department needs to operate an aircraft and to connect directly with service suppliers on the ground. RocketRoute is transforming the aviation industry.


It is opportunity to see your work directly translated into world class products and services

Now among our benefits you can find:
— Great motivated Team;
— Comfortable office near Lviv city center at the park area;
— Paid vacation and sick leave;
— Flexible working hours;
— Additional days off for special occasions;
— Free English Courses;
— Trainings, seminars, conferences, certifications etc. fully or partially paid by the Company;
— Lunch and coffee/tea provided free by the company;
— Pizza/Sushi Day (every Thursday);
— Very competitive salary opportunities;
— Corporate events and celebrations

Join the RocketRoute team and you’ll work with smart, interesting people to solve the biggest challenges in flight planning and aviation systems.