RocketRoute, an APG company, is the fastest, easiest and most effective way pilots can access the essential support they need to get airborne. From online flight planning, support, flight board, concierge services to direct access to ever expanding aviation services marketplace. Liberating in its simplicity users connect via one easy-to-use digital portal. Our Team of professionals make it possible for Flight Planning to be easy and straightforward for our clients all around the world. We provide services to Private, Business, Airlines, HEMS & SAR, Education and Military. Rocket Route is headquartered in the UK with a substantial development team in L’viv, Ukraine. See more at

Aircraft Performance Group

Aircraft Performance Group, LLC (APG) is a flight operations performance engineering firm, established in 1999, that specializes in Runway Analysis, Weight and Balance, and Flight Planning solutions for the airline and corporate flight operations industry. The aircraft provide data for range from airline operated small turbo-prop aircraft (regional airline market) and wide body aircraft (international carrier) to corporate turbo-prop aircraft and large cabin ultra-long haul business aircraft. We maintain a current worldwide database of airport information (over 9000+ airports) and have experience in digitizing Airplane Flight Manuals for use within our own performance programs, as well as using aircraft manufacturer provided programs. We have experience in providing data based upon FAR, EASA and CASA requirements. APG is headquartered in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Seattle Avionics

Seattle Avionics, an APG company, creates compelling pre-flight and in-flight user experiences with its cloud-based solutions providing direct user access to flight planning, weather, fuel prices and group document management for the general aviation market. Their FAA-certified and geo-referenced charts and flight data are proven and used in the leading in-panel avionics systems globally.


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— Assistance in learning opportunities
— Time off throughout the year (paid and unpaid)
— Support and arranging well-being programs

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