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RGray is a young internet marketing agency, consisting of a dedicated team of specialists that started it’s journey in Spring, 2019. As a team of bright, experienced and savvy Digital Marketers, we had an idea to create a full-stack marketing agency with wide selection of niches to work in. We grasped every favorable opportunity, working with various companies, businesses and start-ups in different industries of digital world, from cybersecurity companies to FinTech startups, gaining more experience and confidence on the market. Now, the results of our work speak for themselves, as RGray is recognized as one of the top marketing companies in Ukraine in 2019 according to Clutch and rated highly by our clients. And our goals for the year ahead are to become the industry-leader not just in Ukraine, but in the broader region of Eastern Europe. To accomplish in our mission, we’ll work with even more dedication, bringing even higher results and serving even more great businesses, providing the best services and achieving our main goal of accelerating the global rate of digitalization and furthering our vision by overcoming challenges, building unique products and achieving success in the areas of our focus.