Создатель Node.js Ryan Dahl впервые в Украине на конференции JS Fest. Программа уже на сайте

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  • We are looking for a talented Senior Python Engineer/Tech lead to join a growing team in our office in Kyiv. This position involves technical leadership in a Django-based project with related microservices.
  • We are looking for a talented Middle Python Engineer to join a growing team in our office. This position is for a person who can understand problems of a business and solve them with comprehensible and scalable code with tests, thus bringing real value to the product.
  • About RetargetApp Online store owners use RetargetApp to boost sales without hiring advertising managers or spending time running ads manually.
  • Graphic designer Киев
    We’re looking for a graphic designer to join our team. You will work as a part of a design team across the company with product managers, marketer, content writer and the support team.
  • Product Designer Киев
    We’re looking for a product designer with a proven track record of creating usable, seamless, elegant and impactful design solutions that can be easily integrated into an existing complex system.