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16 серпня 2022 19:56

Ellina Redvanova, Product Manager в Restream

Hey guys!
I joined Restream as a Product Manager 1.5 months ago. First of all, the hiring process was fast and easy. The steps I went through: an interview with the recruiter Olha (she is awesome) -> technical interview with the head of Product Alex (he is also awesome) -> a moderate test task -> an offer.

Olha guided me through each step and was always there for me. We agreed that I would relocate to the Lisbon office, and Alex spent his time helping me with the accommodation and tickets, and the company was flexible with the starting dates. I felt like Restream did actually care.

Generally, work life is super dynamic here. It always feels like a challenge, but at the end of the day, you feel satisfied with all your work. The biggest asset of Restream is the talented (and super friendly) people who are always there to help and share their knowledge. I won’t lie that the product is easy- it is not, but I never feel left alone here.

In summary, it is a perfect place to work if you are a dynamic team player ready to go the extra mile and take ownership.

PS the guys are champions in fantastic happy hours on Fridays

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