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💫 Our story
When Andrew and I started Restream 5 years ago, we set out to build a product that live streamers would absolutely love. We saw live streaming as this powerful communication and engagement tool within the gaming world, and we firmly believed it had the potential to expand to every major industry and vertical. Over the last 5 years, live streaming has taken off. Every major social platform has adopted live content. All types of businesses, organizations, and creators are going live. And virtual communication has become the new norm.

💪 Our mission
From day 1, our mission has been simple. To help broadcasters grow, engage, and monetize their audience across all their social platforms. Today, we proudly support over 2M+ businesses, organizations, and creators in our community that have used our live streaming tools to broadcast more than 95M+ live streams to more than 1B+ viewers around the world.

Today, live streaming is more important than ever. This pandemic has up-rooted every type of in-person event — concerts, conferences, classes, and so many more. So we set out to build a game changing production studio that would make live streaming any type of event, be that from your computer or mobile phone, super easy to all your major social media platforms.

Over the last year, we have experienced tremendous growth. As COVID has quickly forced all types of businesses and creators to adopt live streaming, our team has been working around the clock to bring the best live streaming tools to our community during these times. Today, our community of over 2M+ creators broadcasts 8M+ monthly live streams to 750M+ monthly viewers around the world. And we’re just getting started...

Restream has raised $50M in Series A financing led by Sapphire Ventures and Insight Partners.
And this new round of financing, not only highlights the value Restream brings to the global live streaming market, but also our commitment to being the leader in multiplatform live streaming. With today’s funding news and the launch of Restream Studio, we are taking another big leap forward in our mission to democratize live streaming, making broadcasting content across your favorite social media platforms as easy as hosting a Zoom call.

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