Respeecher applies deep learning to do speech processing for a spectrum of B2B markets. Our technology lets one person speak in the voice of another specific person.
29 листопада 2023

MLOps (вакансія неактивна)


We are inviting an experienced MLOps specialist to play a key role in advancing and deploying new deep learning models, and in building tools that empower our research team.


— Build machine learning tools and infrastructure for research and production in cooperation with researchers, full-stack developers, and — - DevOps professionals
— Optimize deep learning models in PyTorch
— Write beautiful and flexible Python code
— Possibly train models, keep track of performance, and tune hyperparameters

We expect you to

— Have a solid understanding of machine learning fundamentals and an interest in optimizing systems for training and inference (for both researcher/developer experience and speed)
— Understand performance issues in deep learning training and inference
— Have experience optimizing models in PyTorch or a similar deep learning library
— Write great Python code using best practices

Would be a plus

— Knowledge of CUDA / interest in developing custom CUDA kernels
— Experience with mulitprocessing and optimizing CPU-based pipelines
— Have some Deep Learning / Machine Learning pet projects


— Take cutting-edge research on deep generative models and make it work in production for customers in Hollywood and beyond
— Freedom to try out ideas of your own