Respect.Studio isn’t your average marketing agency. We help businesses achieve sustainable growth by targeting high-value accounts. Our team has worked with over 200 clients since 2016, leveraging data-driven and buyer-focused outreach practices to drive results.
20 березня 2024 Перша робота

Marketing Project Manager (вакансія неактивна)

Львів, віддалено $600–1000

About Us

Respect.Studio isn’t your average marketing agency. We’re like the growth whisperers to B2B businesses, helping them snag high-value clients and build relationships that last. Since 2016, our data-driven, buyer-focused approach has fueled over 300 successful projects for 200+ clients across the globe (think US, Canada, UK, and beyond).

But here’s the coolest part: We’re growing like crazy! Our team tripled in size last year, and we’re not slowing down. This could be your chance to join the ride.

Who We’re Looking For:

  • Communication Champion: You can chat with clients and colleagues like a pro, asking smart questions and summarizing like a boss. Teamwork is our jam, so lone wolves need not apply.
  • English Ace: B2-C1? More like A+++! We speak English around here, so fluency is key to feeling comfy and confident.
  • Management Maestro: You juggle self-organization and team leadership like a pro. Budgets, deadlines, motivation — you’re the conductor of the project orchestra.
  • Digital Marketing Guru: Well, you are going to manage the digital marketing team, so this one is a no-brainer. We value the desire to grow;.
  • Growth Gremlin: New challenges are your snacks, and learning is your superpower. We love that can-do spirit!
  • Flexibility: Forget autopilot! We crave flexibility, troubleshoot ninjas who can think on their feet like marketing MacGyvers. You analyze client needs, adapt like a chameleon, and proactively suggest tweaks that take them from ’meh’ to ’wow.
  • Connecting it all: Sure, following the process is cool, but true rockstars see beyond. They analyze, adapt, and proactively suggest what the client needs to win big. If that’s your jam, grab your marketing lightsaber and join the Respect.Studio revolution!

Bonus points for:

  • Upsell Ninja: Convincing clients to add extra services is your hidden talent.

What You’ll Do:

  • Client Whisperer: Dig deep into client goals, then work with your team to craft winning strategies.
  • Campaign Captain: From onboarding to execution, you’ll steer campaigns towards success.
  • Strategy Sensei: Long-term goals are your playground. Craft plans that build lasting client relationships.
  • Organization Owl: Remote teams and freelancers are your flock. Keep everyone aligned and deadlines met.
  • Data Detective: Metrics are your clues. Analyze trends, spot patterns, and recommend tweaks for optimization. ️
  • Team Tamer: Juggling freelancers, clients, and your awesome team? You’ve got this!
  • Process Pro: Got ideas to improve how we manage projects? Share them! We love proactivity.
  • Client Care Crusader: Troubleshooting client issues is your mission. You’ll be their superhero!

What You Get:

  • Modern Tech Hub: Our Lviv office is comfy and cool, right in the city’s tech zone.
  • Team of Rockstars: We’re friendly, professional, and full of interesting personalities. You’ll love coming to work!
  • Remote Freedom: Ditch the commute! Flexible schedules are the norm here.
  • Growth Incubator: Our projects are anything but boring. Unleash your creativity and skyrocket your skills!
  • Competitive Rewards: We pay well, and our bonus system loves your proactiveness.
  • Learning Launchpad: Training and development are on us! Invest in yourself and watch your career soar.

Ready to join the Respect.Studio revolution? Hit us with your resume! We can’t wait to meet you!