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4 вакансии

  • Senior Full-stack Developer (React + Node.js) Львов, удаленно
    We are in need of a full-stack developer, who can be a part of our team and easily works on both the front and the back ends. You should be an active participant in the development process, write good code, and be involved in decisions about software architecture design.
  • Relevant Software is a fast-growing software development company from Lviv, Ukraine. We are looking for an IT Recruiter to help us hunt for great talents, fill positions faster, and meet demand.
  • Relevant Software is a full-cycle digital product development company. We provide a full range of software development services and specialize in delivering top-notch solutions.
  • Middle Front-end Developer (Angular) Львов, удаленно
    We are looking for a Middle Angular developer to join the development team of the 24onoff project. Our company manages the entire application development, which includes time tracking SaaS platform, custom APIs, and iOS and Android apps.