Reface — українська продуктова компанія, що створює мобільні АІ-застосунки. За 5 років наші продукти завантажили понад 250М разів. Були № 1 в USA App Store, отримали Google Play’s Best App та залучили інвестиції від Andreessen Horowitz. Ми — AI-оптимісти. Віримо, що AI змінить світ на краще.
18 жовтня 2021

Android Developer (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, віддалено $4000–6000

Reface is hiring Android Developers

Work with the Reface app’s product team on unique features that allow hundreds of millions of people to create and share personalized content

⚙️ Product Stack:

• Kotlin
• Android SDK
• Hilt
• RxJava
• Bitrise
• MVVM architecture


We work in feature teams. We have about 30 mobile engineers divided into a few feature teams. We want our teams to stay nimble, so there are no more than 2-3 devs per platform in one team
Seniority level of the team is Middle+ &Senior, but we prefer not to use titles at all
• We cover critical logic with Unit tests. There’s no need to ask a manager about it
We use working processes. There are no scrum masters. The team decides how to work and what technologies to choose
We dedicate one week to deal with tech debt and refactor a little every six weeks. You set the tasks and goals (not other departments)
No micromanagement, we have no time or desire for this
Unlimited vacation time. We trust each other
• We lean more towards office work and live collaboration. But it’s totally fine to work remotely; we work smart instead of 9 to 5
We scored 10/12 on the Joel Spolsky test🤘


• have at least four years of experience, 2-3 companies, 3-4 projects
• have worked in teams of 3+ people following code reviews practices
have implemented complex features and can provide examples of this. It shouldn’t just be screen rendering an API response
• can look after yourself and work independently. If there is no API or the requirements are unclear, you can figure out the right person to ask
• most likely know how modern backends are built
• can answer the question in which direction you want to develop further (the answer can be anything, it just needs to be clear)

❗We’re not asking you to be a 100% empath or to love everybody. Just don’t be evil, rude, or selfish. And try to communicate with the team like a human being

It’s important to us that the team feels comfortable around you!

Hiring process:

✅ Intro call with a Recruiter -> ✅ Technical Interview -> ✅ Final Interview -> ✅ Offer

Who We Are:

Website: more about us and vacancies
Instagram: follow Refacians
YouTube: Reface Mobile

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