Reface — українська продуктова компанія, що створює мобільні АІ-застосунки. За 5 років наші продукти завантажили понад 250М разів. Були № 1 в USA App Store, отримали Google Play’s Best App та залучили інвестиції від Andreessen Horowitz. Ми — AI-оптимісти. Віримо, що AI змінить світ на краще.
31 серпня 2021

Deep Learning Research Engineer (RnD) (вакансія неактивна)


We are looking for a Deep Learning Research Engineer who will work with a full cycle of ML project development, from searching and preparing baselines through creating own deep learning architectures for computer vision and media synthesis tasks to preparing and deploying PoC solutions.

About us
Reface is the #1 face-swap app in the world. It won Вest of 2020 (Google Play), ranked #1 on the US App Store, hit Top Charts in 100+ countries, and is now backed by Andreessen Horowitz venture fund. Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Elon Musk and probably a bunch of your friends tried Reface. We have a team of 200 driven folks on board (Kyiv office), including some of the top AI/ML minds.

Our mission is to create a platform for a new type of AI-based personalized content that will help people express their creativity and have fun using state-of-the-art ML technology.

Reface has a wide area of CV challenges. It includes but not limited to
• image/video instance segmentation and object detection;
• image/video synthesis, text-to-image synthesis;
• image/video emotional recognition;
• image reenactment;
• audio synthesis;
• audio-driven CV technologies;
• instance/anchor tracking, optical flow estimation;
• image/video harmonization;
• model performance optimization (pruning, distillation, quantization).

What you’ll do
• research of SoTA solutions for image/video/audio synthesis tasks;
• implement both well-studied ML solutions and principally new architectures from scratch;
• evaluate your solutions on real users in a form of standalone applications or as new features in Reface app;
• fast prototyping of MVPs.

Minimum Qualifications
• at least 3 years of commercial experience in deep learning in one of the mentioned technologies;
• sufficient level of English to explain complex things simply;
• an ability to write not trivial architecture from scratch, not just copy/paste from Github;
• fast iterate a lot of hypotheses through prototyping small but smart solutions;
• understanding the key difference in the modern deep concepts, their pros, and cons.

Preferred Qualifications
• 4+ years of track record in deep learning, machine learning.
• Practical experience in developing completed Computer Vision solutions.
• Profile experience in generative adversarial networks.
• Talent to think about the problem both as an engineer and as a product.
• Ability to speak with businesses in their language to solve not ML but product tasks.

What you get
• Startup environment with all its ups and downs. Mostly ups.
• Work on the next big thing, a world-known content personalization app. It’s like you live in a Silicon Valley episode, but in Kyiv.
• You can work remotely but we hope to see you in the office sometimes. On a social distance.• We promise to challenge you to create and be creative. All the time.
• You’ll join the team of smart, driven, active folks who do their job well. And that’s the best part, we think.

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