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Reface is the #1 face-swap app worldwide. It recently hit 50M installs and keeps growing. It was used by Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and probably a bunch of your friends. We ranked #1 on the US App Store and hit the top charts in 100+ countries.
16 ноября 2020

Data Engineer


We are looking for Data Engineer who will make magic with data (mostly videos and images); you will be a part of our great ML team working on cutting edge projects.

About us

Reface is the #1 face-swap app in the world. We have recently hit 50M installs and keep growing. Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and probably a bunch of your friends tried Reface.

We ranked #1 on the US App Store and hit Top Charts in 100+ countries. We have a team of 70+ driven folks on board (Kyiv office), including some of the top AI/ML minds.

Our mission is to create a new type of AI-based personalized content that will help people express their creativity and have fun.

What you should have
— At least 2 year of relevant work experience
— Experience in building data products incrementally and managing datasets from multiple sources
— Data quality-oriented mindset
— Knowledge of continuous integration & delivery tools: eg Jira, Git
— Coding proficiency in Python with practical knowledge of graphics-related libraries (Numpy, OpenCV, skimage, pandas, matplotlib etc)
— Experience in working with public datasets, web- scrapers, and crowlers
— Good documenting capabilities

At Reface, Data Engineer means that you will
— Work with engineering and business stakeholders to understand data requirements
— Do data scraping (a ton of images and videos)
— Create pipelines of data labeling
— Clean, transform, and analyze data
— Write algorithms and apply ML models to do “smart cleaning” and obtain additional information from data

What you get
— Well, you get the startup environment with all its ups and downs. Mostly ups.
— You’ll be one of those who create the fast-growing world-known entertainment app. It’s like to live in a “Silicon Valley” tv show, but in real life and in Kyiv.
— Remote work is allowed however we hope to see you in flesh in the office, from time to time. On a social distance, for sure.
— You’ll be challenged to create and to be creative. All the time.
— If your ambition is to grow towards ML engineer, it could be a great entry point.
— You’ll join the team of smart, young, active people, who do their job really well. And that’s the best part, we believe.

Apply, don’t overthink. This is The Job you are looking for.


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