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Reface is a 🇺🇦 Ukrainian product company. We empower content creation by transforming complex AI/ML tech into easy-to-use products for millions of people worldwide
Let’s do this together ;)

Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and a bunch of your friends have already tried Reface behind your back! Meanwhile, we are backed by the Andreessen Horowitz venture fund, the top AI/ML minds, and a team of talented, daring people doing it for love, glory, and cutting-edge tech

👉 Reface app:
— 250M+ downloads in 200+ countries
— 6+ billion pieces of personalized synthetic content created
— features: AI Avatar (generate hyperrealistic portraits), Swap Face, Lipsync (animate face), Revoice Video
— ranked #1 on the US App Store
— hit Top Charts in 100+ countries

👉 Memomet app 🇺🇦 — is a weapon for peaceful and free people during the war started by russia in Ukraine. It is a simple and exciting tool based on artificial intelligence to create humorous meme content

👉 Metahead — is a technology (in development) that enables 3D rendering from a few 2D pictures, providing hyper realistic level of details, while cutting computation costs

🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine
— Since February 24th, we have launched and supported 22+ informational and fundraising campaigns together with various partners to spread awareness about the war in Ukraine and raise money
— In early 2022 we launched Reface Fund — an initiative to cover humanitarian needs of Ukrainian citizens. Our focus is to back small units of volunteers and defenders, who we know personally

🏰 Reface HQ is situated in Kyiv downtown, open to all Refacians as a workplace and a bomb shelter in case of attacks: we have equipped a safe space in the basement. Attached are portable generators, heaters, Stralinks, and other supplies to make the office autonomous during power outages

We continue working on multiple AI tools for content transformation & generative AI

C’mon, become one of us!

Reface your future