Redvike is the software development agency for start-ups and SMEs. We offer a unique client experience that revolves around long-term strategic partnerships. A hyper-personalized service that lasts throughout the development lifecycle — the detail our clients prize above all else.
26 травня 2022

React Native Developer

Краків (Польща), віддалено $3000–5000

Привіт, спільното DOU!

Шукаємо Mobile розробника, який міцно дружить з React Native!

🇺🇦 🇵🇱 Ми — Redvike, IT-компанія з Кракова, Польща. Під своїм крилом ми згуртували девелоперів з України та Польщі та займаємось розробкою EdTech та Wellness проєктів для європейських стартапів.

Далі — опис вакансії:

Who are we, and what do we do?

We are a boutique development agency that specialises in web and mobile development for startups and enterprises.

We work with both young, well-funded startups as well as enterprises to deliver full-cycle development services starting from defining product goals and roadmap and finishing by deploying solutions and handing over projects to in-house teams.

The company was founded in 2017, consists of 25 people and delivered more than 20 projects to clients from Sweden, Norway, the US, Canada and Ireland. Some of the companies we have worked with include well-known European startups like Sana Labs,, Shoptagr, Naava and more.

From 2020 we have switched to a remote-first approach and since have hired people all over Poland.

Why do we do it?

Our goal is to gather a team of professionals to deliver scalable, well-thought-out, designed platforms and mobile apps for the EdTech and Wellness industries. We aim to provide a „one-stop-shop” experience for our clients when it comes to designing and developing their products and work as a part of their company instead of a „typical” outsourcing approach, which means making decisions and taking responsibility for the result.

How are we different? Why should you join us?

Our culture is to stay a small company to ensure a lack of bureaucratic boundaries, sustain quality. We understand that the company is as strong as its weakest member, so we focus on promoting and helping with personal growth and development as well as picking projects to boost that process.

What technologies do we use?

Our primary technology stack revolves around JS. We use React for Front-end, Node.js for Backend and React Native for mobile development. All of our projects run on TypeScript, built by Docker and tested with Jest and react-testing-library.

What skills are essential to us?

  • 2+ years of development experience with React Native;
  • Practical knowledge of VanillaJS and Typescript;
  • Experience working with REST API;
  • Experience working with Redux/Context API/mobx;
  • Good understanding of ECMAScript specifications;
  • Good knowledge of GIT;
  • English — upper-intermediate+;

Additional (good-to-have) skills:

  • Experience with Java/Kotlin/Swift/Objective C;
  • Experience with CI/CD (CircleCI, GitHub Actions);
  • Experience working with React.js;

What will your responsibilities include?

  • Creating first-class UX/UI by writing clear, sustainable and well-tested code;
  • Improving UI/UX and refactoring existing code;
  • Cooperating with the Product, UI/UX, QA and Backend teams to fulfil project goals;
  • Bugfix during the development process;
  • Cover your code with unit and integration tests;
  • Write documentation;

Why did we open a new position?

Due to growth and incoming projects, we are expanding our team to tackle new challenges.

Growth perspectives on this position?

We have a couple of teams without technical leadership (they are either in the process of forming or just too small at this moment), so candidates with the right skillset could fill those positions pretty quickly.

Company structure, how many organisational staff/developers, what are the team sizes?

The company, due to its size sustains a flat organisational structure: CEO and Operations Manager take care of administrative business, Technical Lead is in charge of code quality and technical development, 2 Project Managers and Business Analyst manage teams and are responsible for communication between the client and development teams as well as requirement gathering and task management, 14 developers work in groups of 2-4 people, QA, responsible for project testing, UI/UX team, Marketing team and an HR manager in charge of hiring and employee-related activities.

Work specifics:

  • Is there a trial period? — Yes, three months.
  • Overtimes, how often and what’s the payment structure? — In general, overtimes are not something we practice, but in case of an emergency, and if there is an agreement between the Product Manager and the developer for overtime, the overtime is compensated by additional vacation time/days on any suitable day chosen by an employee.
  • What’re the working hours? — Flexible working schedule, staring at 10:00 CEST (+/- 3 hours), 8-hours working day;
  • Is it only remote? — We have an office in Krakow that you can work from if you choose so.
  • How many days of vacation? — 20-24 days (depending on experience), not counting public holidays.
  • Any limit on sick leaves? — Without limit.
  • WorkTime tracking? — No, we build our partnerships on trust and mutual respect.
  • Possibility of work trips? — Yes, 1-2 weeks of onsite work in the client’s office, usually in Sweden. Non-obligatory.
  • Benefits? — Yes, medical package, sports package, conference budget.
  • Do you provide equipment? — Yes, on their first working day, an employee will receive a laptop (Mac or Linux), monitors, mouse and keyboard, and any required home-office supplies.
  • Is it possible to work part time? — Yes, 20+ — hours per week

Recruitment process:

  • Is there a technical task? — Yes.
  • Who reviews CV? — Technical Lead, Project Manager, HR.
  • How long is the interview, with whom? — The hiring process consists of a quick intro phone call (15 min), 1st tech interview (30-45 min), Practical task + project discussion (1h 15 min), Contract negotiations.

If you feel that the position is right for you, please submit your resume to [email protected]!

Can’t wait to hear from you!