RedCat Devs

до 20 спеціалістів

RedCat specializes in developing Web and Mobile solutions. The company has niche expertise in the areas of IoT, E-Sports, Services-on-demand, Logistics, Entertainment. Our clients are startups, entrepreneurs from Western Europe, North America and Australia.

We are always improving our work processes. In addition to well-described guides on software development, delivery, code quality, the company invests in improving the professionalism of all company employees. Each department plays a strategic role in the development and growth of the company, and has high performance indicators. This is achieved through transparent processes in management, and interaction of departments, namely:
— Teaching teams and departments to work within the company, trainings within the company;
— a personal plan of those. training and development as a specialist;
— personal plan for career growth within the company;
— criteria for quality and standards of development, testing, project management.

This approach to development allowed us to develop the main value of the company — the support of the team and an easy-to-work atmosphere within the company. Therefore, new specialists can very easily integrate into work processes.

RedCat is stable, interesting work in a friendly team, decent remuneration, comfortable working conditions, opportunities for training and professional growth, and the most important thing is high-quality work on high-tech projects.