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15 апреля 2021

F# developer

Харьков, за рубежом, удаленно $3500–4500

Необходимые навыки

• Good F# and .NET knowledge;
• Good understanding of functional programming;
• Experience in writing tests;
• Good understanding of concurrency, asynchrony, parallelism;
• Spoken English B2+;

Будет плюсом

• Experience working with any blockchain;
• Passion for FinTech;
• DevOps skills;


• Corporate culture and values based on the best practices of teamwork, mentoring, mutual assistance, and the development of each member of our team as a specialist and as an individual;
• The work schedule is compiled individually, considering your wishes;
• No overtimes;
• Working with the industry-leading partners and customers;
• Friendly team and experienced colleagues;
• Opportunities for career growth and raising professional skills;
• Free English Speaking Club membership;
• Comfortable office with perks (100m from a subway);
• 100% paid sick leaves;
• Ability to work remotely;
• Interesting projects regarding the FinTech industry;


The first assignment will be an implementation of a proof-of-concept marketplace which includes the following areas:
-Pure domain area written in F#;
-Tests covering the domain area in F#;
-API development;
Later the proof-of-concept application will extend to blockchain integration. The blockchain has not been chosen yet, but it is very likely to be Tezos or Ethereum.

О проекте

The project is a marketplace startup in the field of oil industry. It’s backend is an open, decentralized storage of data about different oil providers, their services and prices. The frontend is a corresponding marketplace. Right now we are at the POC stage, and this stage will be mostly aimed at writing pure domain code in F#. After POC, we will be expanding the scope, which would cover development of smart contracts on Tezos, frontend and API development.