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RedDuck is a Ukrainian software development company with great technical expertise and a focus on complementing customer’s business goals.

About us

  • We are a dedicated company partnering with leading companies in the FinTech domain
  • Our projects cover the development of engines for trading platforms, crypto exchanges (CEX and DEX), crypto banks, and decentralized applications
  • Every month we start cooperation with new customers and expand the dev team
  • We attract the best IT talents to work on challenging tasks

Our principles and values

  • Best teamwork practices
  • Mentoring and mutual assistance
  • Agile in everything
  • Openness to new ideas and encouragement of initiative
  • Working with prospective projects using modern approaches and technologies
  • Following industry trends
  • Personal and professional growth of the team

We value not years of commercial experience in people, but current skills, proactivity, and passion for the IT industry. If you are interested in working on innovative products and you are attracted by the FinTech domain, then you should definitely come to us :)

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