RedDuck: Your Blockchain Development Partner

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👉 About the Company:

RedDuck is a fast-growing, innovative Web3 and Financial technology company. We provide customized solutions of any complexity for Blockchain, trading software, payment systems, and other financial-related industries. We collaborate with some of the leading DeFi protocols. Our goal is to revolutionize the world of finance and become the best Blockchain company globally.

We are a company with a corporate culture and values based on best practices of teamwork, mentoring, mutual assistance, and the development of each team member as an expert and individual. We highly value our employees; we aim to be the best partner for both employees and customers. That’s why we are constantly improving our working conditions.

💎 Our values are:

— Interesting tasks/projects: We focus on the creation of modern and innovative products, providing employees with engaging tasks and projects.
— Friendly relations and atmosphere: We promote a culture of friendly relations through periodic team-building meetings.
— Flexibility: We maintain an absence of a strict hierarchical system to foster flexibility.
— Responsibility in work: We implement a system of transparent rules and tools to monitor work effectiveness.
— Team: We prioritize individualized work with each team member and encourage collaboration across projects.
— Initiative: We value and reward initiative.
— Modern technologies: We specialize in the creation of Blockchain projects.
— Creativity and innovation: We encourage employees to showcase their creativity and apply their experience.
— Development and professional growth: We provide opportunities for employees to gain invaluable experience in solving various tasks.
— Involvement: Employees have the opportunity to interact with many people on different projects.

Professional mindset 🖖

We are a company that trains specialists from entry-level positions. Yes, most employees who join us at the Junior level quickly acquire the necessary skills and become highly proficient in Blockchain development.

We have established a highly regarded Blockchain Academy that educates specialists. We provide Blockchain knowledge not only to developers, but also to other employees who are not directly involved in programming.

To foster team unity and create a more friendly atmosphere, we organize online team-building activities such as Mafia games, quizzes, and online quests 😎

🦾 Benefits of working for our company:

—  Immerse yourself in our in-house Blockchain Academy with complimentary course 💫

— Shape the future of our company with your innovative ideas.
— Join a supportive team in a welcoming environment.
— Gain experience building processes from scratch.
— Enjoy flexible work methods and scheduling.
— Collaborate part-time on internal projects.
— Tackle intriguing and challenging tasks related to the latest Blockchain technologies.
— Work in a modern, comfortable office setting (Before full-scale war).
— Democratic management style.
— Receive paid sick leave and vacations for your well-being.

🏆 Our team excelled in 2022, winning two major Blockchain Hackathons:


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