Post Physical is a Game Development Studio with the focus on construction and technical execution of Mobile and Desktop Game projects. We work with Mobile Mid-core and Desktop/Console Indie segments. Our team offers technical partnership and outsource game development services for a full-cycle production.
22 декабря 2021 Первая работа

Entry-Level / Junior Unity Developer


Необходимые навыки

• Solid C# / OOP Foundation (KPI / UNIT Factory)
• Basic Unity Experience (Non-commercial is ok)

• Passion for Games and Game Development
• Intermediate English. Effective comprehension of the technical literature.
• A natural tendency to organize and maintain order.
• Professionalism and a strong work ethic.
• An ambition to become an engineer of high excellence.

Due to the nature of our onboarding and Junior training process, this position is:
• Full time.
• Office only.
• Kyiv only (In sufficient proximity to Podol).
• Expecting to have a long-term employment relationship.

Будет плюсом

Any supplementary GameDev skills will be valued:
• Game Design skills
• Solid understanding of Game UX
• UI construction experience
• Level Design
• Sound Design skills
• Animation, FX
• Familiarity with Art production workflows
• Technical Art skills


• Small, cozy studio
• High organizational standards with a strong emphasis on process development and improvement.
• Flexible schedule
• Small Team, Flat Hierarchy
• Competitive salary
• No Crunch
• Good equipment and furniture
• Dedicated time for study and research
• Good projects — Mid-Core Mobile games, Indie PC/Console projects.
• No casino, hyper casual, match-3 games or VR projects.


In order to meet our high standards of production, we prefer to train and develop new engineers internally.
By building a team that has strong foundations, we are able to deliver high quality, maintainable solutions to complex, multi-year projects.

You will be filling our Entry-level position, that is geared towards training you to become a Unity Middle developer in the next 1.5-2 years.
This salary is not dependent on time, and will be reevaluated regularly to reflect your contribution.

• You will be expected to read technical literature during working hours to further your development.
• You will be expected to demonstrate a consistent growth as an engineer, and game developer. Getting complacent in this job is wouldn’t be an option.
• You will take part in developing features and systems on commercial projects.
• General Unity related work with assets and game data.

О проекте

Post Physical is a small, engineering focused studio.

Our company provides outsource services as well as developing its own projects.
Due to the nature of this long term employment, you will have the opportunity to work on multiple projects according to your preferences and capabilities.

Our interview process:
• If we find your submission suitable, we will respond within 5 days.
Note: Our interview process does not rely on HR, so our time is constrained, and we are unable to respond to every submission with rejection reason.

• Video interview.
• Technical task (3-4 hours long)
• The Big Five personality Test.
• Office visit.
• Offer.

Thank you.