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10 ноября 2021

Senior/Lead DevOps Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


We are looking for senior / lead devops for cross-project. If you are bored of constantly sitting on one project, you will like to work with us. We have many different projects where you will need to enter, set up processes / infrastructure and switch to other projects.


— 5+ years of experience as DevOps engineer

— Good English

— Experience with clouds: AWS is a must, GCP and/or Azure is a plus

— Practical experience with different CI/CD systems

— IaaC: Terraform is a must, CloudFormation is a plus

— Practical experience with container orchestration (Kubernetes, ECS), autoscaling, blue/green and canary deployments

— Experience in configuring monitoring/alerting/logs

— Proficient in scripting (bash or Node or Python)

— Knowledge of (and willingness to implement) modern DevSecOps practices

— You love to document what you implement

We offer:

— sincere, transparent and straightforward culture of software craftsmanship, no bullshit

— adult attitude and self-employment contract

— 10 working months per year

— 2 months paid day-offs, no more than 2-3 weeks in a row

— office space for co-working when/if needed

— from 25% to 75% costs covering for education & self-development

— career growth up to business partner on profit sharing basis