Ценности нашей компании На первом месте для нас стоит человечность, прозрачность процессов, доверие, взаимопонимание и здоровые отношения. Мы поддерживаем это больше, чем выполнение функциональных обязанностей и написание качественного кода. Ad hoc подход доминирует над формализацией и бюрократией.
4 октября 2021

Backend NodeJS Developer (вакансия неактивна)

Киев $2000–5000

We are looking for a strong developer, with orientation to data management and business logic.
Would you like to change the industry of music and impact billions of people, would you like to be part of Spotify or Youtube Music? The product it’s industry changing solution, it’s much greater than just Spotify or any other music player, it takes the best of Patreon, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify & YouTube. It rolls these key elements into a single music ecosystem which is highly curated, targeted and scalable with the potential to drive billions of additional dollars.
Pre-launch phase, in active development since April 2020
Project — www.this-is-panthr.com
You will develop Backend for Mobile applications using stack: React, Next, TypeScript, Node, PostgreSQL, AWS infrastructure.

3+ years experience inside live product
Have experience with TypeScript, Node, PostgreSQL
Will be a plus — Scala, AWS, Go, Docker, Terraform, experience in media transcoders development
Written intermediate English + willingness to level up

You tasks:
Developing music changing app, participating in daily scrum meetings, working with really mature people and structured project, solving data/media/performance/scalability challenges,

Tech stack:
React/Ionic, Next, TypeScript, Node, Scala, Go, PostgreSQL, AWS, Terraform

Tech Lead, 2 FullStack devs, BA, QA, DevOps/SRE.
Now we are looking for 1 Backend Developer and 1 Frontend Developer

We offer:
— sincere, transparent and straightforward culture of software craftsmanship, no bullshit
— adult attitude and self-employment contract
— 10 working months per year
— 2 months paid day-offs, no more than 2-3 weeks in a row
— office space for co-working when/if needed
— from 25% to 75% costs covering for education & self-development
— career growth up to business partner on profit sharing basis