22 березня 13:18

Сергей Шуклин, Angular developer в Reaktivate

I’ve been working at Reaktivate for a little over a year and I’m very happy working here. One of the biggest advantages of the company is clearly expressed values, which all employees perceive very openly and do everything to support them. The two principles in company culture that impress me the most are managing expectations and work-life balance.

The first principle encourages each employee to contribute to the work of the team, adhere to realistic work forecasts and maintain constant communication with the client. Since work in the company is carried out on an hourly basis, everyone bears full responsibility for the work performed, planning their time and the result expected by the client.

The second principle promotes work-life balance. The company understands the importance of this issue and communicates with employees every month, helping to rethink and balance their thoughts, reassess priorities and increase efficiency in life and work.

Overall, Reaktivate is a great place to work where you can find accountability, support and work-life balance. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone looking for a new job to consider working for this company.


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