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15 июля 2019

іOS/macOS Developer

Киев, Одесса

Spark (sparkmailapp.com) is looking for creative, experienced, high-skilled iOS/OS X professional to help us deliver best-in-class product to people all around the world. You’ll face the most challenging tasks in your career and opportunities to make a great impact — build productivity apps, that really help millions!

Here’s how you fit in:
— You like being part of a team and enjoy working with other smart engineers.
— You’re a person, that sees a big picture and product goals above the code.
— You are an independent personality and a team player at the same time.
— You can work effectively in the situation of tough tradeoffs between functionality, complexity and development time.
— You’re passioned to create a product, that solves consumer needs the best and the most successful way.

What you’ll do:
— Develop interface and core product components.
— Design application architecture.
— Develop custom UI and product animation.
— Provide the code quality through code reviews & automated tests.
— Write integration with services such us Dropbox, Google drive etc..
— Create a lot of parsers to deliver fast and effective Smart search, Smart Hints and Smart inbox.
— Provide a deep research almost at every task.
— Analyze the code and always look one step ahead — how the code affects other elements of the architecture and how it will be used in the future.

We’ll also be looking for these things:
— Demonstrated technical strengths in Objective-C and SWIFT.
— Experience in Agile environment.
— Understanding technologies used in iOS development:
— Xcode, UIKit,
— SQLite,
— GCD,
— Core Graphics,
— NSURLSession / AFNetworking / HTTP,
— git
— Experience in modern Cocoa ecosystem, Cocoa Pods.
— Understanding of the full mobile development life cycle.
— Unit testing.

You’ll be leading the way. We’re betting you’re driven to build great things and get awesome results. Join this amazing journey with Readdle.


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