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22 декабря 2020

Front-End Engineering Lead — Fluix team (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, Одесса, удаленно

We are announcing a search for a Front-End Lead to join Fluix by Readdle, an experienced and dynamic person who can drive the development of Fluix web applications front-end.

The key objective for Front-End Lead is ensuring the ongoing delivery and maintenance of high-quality front-end code for user interfaces (UI) in an agile software development environment.

We are primarily using TypeScript and currently migrating from AngularJS to newer versions of Angular. Separate components in Fluix are built with TypeScript and React. We are bundling front-end using webpack, using SASS for CSS preprocessing, and Karma for testing.

Responsibilities include:
— Lead, coach, and manage an engineering team to support them to be successful both personally & professionally. Ensure individual and team goals are connected to company goals.
— Overview and choose new technologies useful for product and speed of development.
— Drive a sense of urgency and focus on the customer — the concept is to be spread to the team and the lead is to show by his own example how it’s done.
— Reviewing the code by other team members and setting internal standards for style, maintainability, and best practices.
— Develop features and improvements to the Fluix product in a secure, well-tested, and performant way.
— Modernize codebase to improve overall team efficiency and use modern approaches to development.

Here is how your first months will look like:
— Within your first 30 days at Readdle you will be focused on your own onboarding into the team and processes: get to know the team, our product, our business realities, front-end codebase, tasks, and plans of the front-end team. You will start writing and reviewing the code.
— By the second month at Readdle you will take over the ownership of planning, task estimation, and code review.
— By 90 days you will completely assume the role of front end lead: participate in roadmap planning, performance reviews, and hiring processes.

This Might Describe You:
— Leadership experience as part of an agile engineering team.
— Expert in modern TypeScript web application development using Angular, React, Vue, or equivalent.
— Experienced in producing unit test coverage for application code.
— Solid programming fundamentals, such as algorithms, data structures, design patterns.
— Expert in the front-end web technology stack (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP, DOM, Web APIs).
— Good written and spoken English.
— Great team member and a collaboration partner. You always know how your goals are attached to other people on your team and feel included and focused on the team’s success.

Tech Stack:
— TypeScript.
— AngularJS + Angular (via ngUpgrade).
— React, Redux, Styled Components.
— Webpack and Angular CLI.
— Karma, Jasmine, Jest.

What you will find at Readdle:
— Successful Tech Startup on a growth path.
— Unique international team, which expands in its horizons & culture diversity.
— The highest level of challenge vs support and freedom vs responsibility.
— We want this to be the best job in your career.

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