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Reacher is a dynamic and customer-focused company specializing in b2b outsource services — lead generation, sales development, customer support. We’re a team that has been building clear, logical and well-organized sales pipelines for over 10 years.
21 мая 2019

Sales Manager (вакансия неактивна)

Киев $400–1500

Необходимые навыки

— Fluency in English (can write and call intensively).
— At least 1 year of experience with B2B sales.
— Experience of work with different CRMs, email/phone/LinkedIn outreach, using tools and extensions like —
Sales Navigator, G Suite, Skype, Zoom.
— Confident, driven and dynamic leader — know when and how to delegate minor responsibilities to assigned

Будет плюсом

— Experience of participation in specialized company’s events.
— Fluency in other languages.


— Comfortable office near the “Levoberezhna” metro station.
— Friendly young team.
— Ability to learn and develop.
— Bonuses for overcoming the sales plan.


— Contact prospects on behalf of Reacher — via email, phone and/or LinkedIn.
— Provide prospects with information about the company and solutions.
— Book sales appointments with the prospects.
— Run sales appointments in order to build a strong relationship with the potential customers and provoke
interest in particular solutions.
— Prepare quotations, agreements, invoices and/or payment links (we provide templates).
— Follow-up and close deals.
— Input information gathered from the clients and prospects into the CRM.
— Contact the Account Management Department when the deal is closed in order to transfer the Client.