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3 февраля 2020

Ruby on Rails Developer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— Ability to work on a legacy codebase, making slow and steady improvements to it alongside existing feature requests. (While the lead developer will have full control over the choice of a technical stack, the project is very far from being ready for bold changes. It is important the person isn’t easily frustrated by the codebase.);
— Ability to work in a TDD manner or at least develop good test coverage where very little exists
— Ability to translate the complexity of the business domain into maintainable code (including knowledge of design patterns);
— Ability to troubleshoot memory leaks, performance issues, deadlocks at a database level, and sudden server downtimes due to bugs in Ruby code;
— Good written command of English. The client rarely initiates phone calls, but there’s lots of written communication;
— You have a mature approach to deploying things to production that can affect data. This seems to come with experience of working on production systems. Example: If one-off UPDATE query needs to be run on a production database — it is prepared and tested locally, it includes a LIMIT clause if applicable, it is carefully copied over and not freely typed, and there’s a DB backup before the query is run in production. We are on a run of 7 years with zero data loss by the dev team (one case of the 24-hour worth of data loss due to an external DevOps team, which was then recovered by us down to only 6 files lost);
— Ability to react on results of quarterly security testing (both penetration and authenticated) carried out by an external security agency. (They mostly test for OWASP Top 10 but are extremely thorough and creative.) The lead developer must be able to understand the report and fix any issues that were flagged — such as data leaks, session mismanagement, injection, XSS, broken access control, etc.

Будет плюсом

— You have at least 3 years of previous experience with RoR;
— When working on a feature, you are able to communicate to the QA engineer potential affected areas or types of bugs to look out for. He/she understands their part in making sure the QA process is effective;
— You have worked on production systems where you were responsible for the final code review and the consideration of how this affects existing data in the database, the deployment process, etc.;
— You have the basic knowledge of regular expressions;
— You have the basic knowledge of Unix-based systems (basic bash commands, concepts of users and permissions, ability to work effectively with log files via command-line, quickly assess if the server is under memory / CPU / IO load);
— You are able to write emails that are concise, effective, and get things done.


+ Full-time employment
+ Flexible working hours
+ Modern and convenient 24/7 office in the centre of Lviv
+ Social package including medical insurance, sports, English classes
+ A fully-equipped workplace with a custom choice of laptop and equipment
+ 20 days of paid annual vacation
+ 15 days of payable sick leave
+ Ability to work from home by a need
+ Memorable corporate events and team buildings
+ The possibility to come up with ideas, be listened and see them implemented
+ A full support from top/middle level management for ideas implementations


— Developing awesome software
— Growing as a technical expert
— Taking a part in the technical discussions
— Writing comprehensive design documentation

О проекте

A healthcare project that helps to direct difficult-to-treat dental patients to the right hospitals in the UK. Now we are covering 80% of Great Britain’s territory, getting 3,500 medical referrals daily, and growing. The project is looking for a new development team that will fully take over the codebase. The entire technical team is to be built in Lviv and work directly with the product owner’s dental team from the UK. This means full control over technical decisions, choice of architecture, and direct collaboration with stakeholders. We are now looking for a senior RoR developer to lead this team.

The system is not at scale yet but has many challenges of a large project. You will have the final say over code that gets deployed to production and affects over a million medical records. You will work with DevOps team on creative solutions to move volumes of data across data centres with a tight maintenance window. You will work directly with our security and penetration testing partner to resolve potential data leaks and security breaches. All this with support from a very easy-going and loyal product team in the UK.

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