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13 января 2021

Data Engineering R&D

Одесса от $700

“Automation is good, so long as you know exactly where to put the machine”. Eliyahu Goldratt

We are looking for special lazy people. Lazy enough to not want to do manually what the machine can do. But not lazy enough to create such a machine. Or several. Or an entire factory. With Bobs and Angels, if you know what I mean. People who feel pain... and see opportunity in non-optimal processes. People who ready to revise any system, scrap any method, abandon any theory, if the success of the job requires it. Ok, now it looks like we are looking to hire Henry Ford, but we are open to any offers :-) This is a job that requires a special, inquisitive mindset. Working here, you will rarely have to do the same routine work. Most of the time you will be exposed to various new people and business processes, most likely completely unfamiliar to you, in areas that are unknown to you, learn them quickly and look for ways to make them better and faster. It is very important to be able (or at least to want to learn) to see and describe the system as a whole — because not everyone who can build a robot (or any other tool for automation) can see the whole system. But anyone who can see the whole system can build a robot. According to the specific nature of our department, we are very junior-oriented, so the initial requirements are relatively low. But at the same time, this imposes the need for thorough training, what you need to understand, and what you need to be prepared for.

Soft skills:

● A broad horizon of knowledge. You don’t have to be an expert in all areas, but you know “how things work” very well. And you’re always curious to know more.
● English Upper-Intermediate. Advanced is highly appreciated. Please be aware this is not a formality. English, at least in writing and reading, will be your everyday tool, so be honest with yourself. Before the interview, you will be asked to take a test, during the interview some of the questions may be discussed in English.
● Quick wits, responsibility, self-directing.
● Communication skills
● Desire and ability to work in a team. We really appreciate all types of people, both extroverts and introverts, but the nature of our work involves communication, interaction, and teamwork.
● Sense of humor.

Hard skills:

● Basic experience in any programming language. It’s not even the language itself that matters, but understanding the logic and principles of construction.
● Experience with process diagrams, the ability to read, understand and create them
● Basic+ knowledge of SQL
● Basic+ knowledge of regexp
● Basic+ knowledge of HTML/XML/etc
● 1k SPM Megabase (joke. Or not?)

Nice to Have

Basic experience in any kind of process automation (Automation Anywhere, UIPath, BluePrism, Excel VBA, Selenium, etc). Or any other kind of automation. If you have examples of such works, describe them briefly in your resume.

We offer

● Cheerful, inventive, and energetic team.
● Career (and most importantly — professional) growth. And these are not “just words” -we are very, very interested in our employee’s growth and development.
● Freedom of creativity and initiative. As Grace Hopper said, “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission”. We infinitely value aspiration and initiative. Most of our technologies, processes, and departments appeared precisely because of those.
● Competitive salary. And its growth according to your efforts (by the way, this is one of the priorities of your future Team Lead).
● Bonus for professional development.
● Office in the center of the city (after quarantine).
● Schedule —8 hours + lunch. The approach to the work schedule is flexible, lacking formalism. Vacation —4 weeks.
● Medical insurance with a wide limit of coverage and work with all the leading clinics of the city.
● Chair, table, laptop, and coffee. And cookies for coffee. And tea. And cookies for tea, of course, there is no discrimination (after quarantine, except laptop).
● A variety of activities: table tennis, board games, football (live and PS4), basketball, etc. (after quarantine)
● ... “and all that stuff” :-)


You will join a team that will provide short-term automation solutions for business processes in the advertising segment. While working in this team, you’ll meet a large number of processes that need short-term immediate assistance that will help users while the development department creates long-term solutions. Which, by the way, will often be based on your recommendations. Starting your work in the manual mode, you’ll be able to apply all your imagination and ingenuity to build the perfect process out of the existing one. This way you will gain an interesting experience at the very beginning of your journey in IT, which is a rare opportunity in well-established teams.

● Be attentive. Attention to detail is the key to success.
● Be innovative. Eliminating complexity paves the road to clean thinking and decisive action that can move mountains.
● Be growing. Never rest on your laurels — and then you can achieve anything. And a few words about formal responsibilities:
● Build effective professional relationships and effective communication with your customers in a geographically distributed environment and with the developers’ team
● Find a way & automate their processes with existing (Automation Anywhere, Excel) or new tools
● Provide concepts, product requirements for long-term solutions together with Customers and Devs

About project

The main tasks of the new unit will be the research and development of lightweight automation for business processes of various BUs in our organization. Through a deep understanding of business processes, we want to bring value by relieving people of boring and monotonous manual work, giving them the opportunity to engage in the development of themselves and their strategic directions. In fact, this division will buffer and filter new directions emerging in Data Engineering, providing initial research that will result in the creation of new teams or lightweight* automation with subsequent transfer to operational support.
*Lightweight automation means that we will not be directly involved in the development of long-term solutions, except to provide our recommendations. Lightweight automation uses mainly application tools such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), VBA, and other software.


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