We are a part of Rakuten, one of the biggest tech companies in the world, currently involved in e-commerce, e-reading, travel, banking, securities, credit cards, e-money, and more. Founded in 1997, Rakuten is headquartered in Tokyo, with over 18,000 employees worldwide.
28 июля 2020

Compliance Control Specialist

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We are looking for smart, responsible and self-directing individuals who want to become a part of a young team, within a department that has successfully established itself over the past 8 years. And these are actually the main requirements because of historical and cultural reasons we are a strongly junior-oriented team. And now, when we open a new direction, we are not going to change this glorious approach. So we do not require a lot of skills at the start, but we want to see the shining eyes of yours. You will learn everything you need and a little bit more along the way.

If you’ve always wanted to “join IT”, but didn’t know how — this is your chance:-)

Here’s the list of initial requirements:

* Upper-Intermediate. Advanced is highly appreciated. Please be aware this is not a formality. English, at least in writing and reading, will be your everyday tool, so be honest with yourself. Before the interview, you will be asked to take a test, during the interview some of the questions may be discussed in English.

* Quick wits, responsibility, self-directing.

* Desire and ability to work in a team. We really appreciate all types of people, both extroverts and introverts, but the nature of our work involves communication, interaction, and teamwork.

* Sense of humor.

* Nice to have (not necessarily, but useful): SQL, regexp, html/xml, experience in data-centric areas, etc.

P.S. At the interview, we will talk about everything that you’ve mentioned in the resume. Yeah, we are curious and very interested in you!


* Cheerful, inventive, and energetic team.
* Career (and most importantly — professional) growth. And these are not “just words” — we are very, very interested in our employee’s growth and development inside our company.
* Freedom of creativity and initiative. You will be a part of a new team and a new process (how cool and great this process will become fully depends on you). As Grace Hopper said, “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission”. We infinitely value aspiration and initiative. Most of our technologies, processes and departments appeared precisely because of those.
* Competitive salary. And its growth according to your efforts (by the way, this is one of the priorities of your future Team Lead).
* Bonus for professional development.
* Office in the center of the city after COVID-19 quarantine ends
* Schedule:: 8 hours + lunch. The approach to the work schedule is flexible, lacking formalism. Vacation :: 4 weeks per year.
* Medical insurance with a wide limit of coverage and work with all the leading clinics of the city.
* Chair, table, laptop, and coffee. And cookies for coffee. And tea. And cookies for tea of course, there is no discrimination. :-)
* A variety of activities: table tennis, board games, football (live and PS4), basketball, etc.
*... “and all that stuff” :-)


Rakuten Americas expands its advertising business in the USA. One of the priority areas is the development of advertisements in the financial sector. According to the USA laws, the reliability, accuracy and relevance of the advertising information play a crucial role, especially in financial and paid placement areas.

You will join a young team that will provide quality control and completeness of data in the advertising segment. Today, this process is entirely manual. However, one of the main tasks of the team in Odessa is the complete rethinking, optimization, automation, and scaling of the process.

Starting your work in the current manual mode, you’ll be able to apply all your imagination and ingenuity to build the perfect process out of the existing one. This way you will gain an interesting experience at the very beginning of your journey in IT, which is a rare opportunity in well-established teams.

* Be attentive. Attention to detail is the key to success.
* Be innovative. Eliminating complexity paves the road to clean thinking and decisive action that can move mountains.
* Be growing. Never rest on your laurels — and then you can achieve anything.

And a few words about formal responsibilities:
* Discovering and monitoring financial articles about both card and consumer banking programs for publishers web-sites
* Conduct ad-hoc and weekly audits for paid placements and consumer banking programs by means internal and external tools and technologies
* Conduct ongoing audits for or paid placements and consumer banking programs—audit each affiliate site
* Maintain and build ongoing audit templates and ad-hoc audit templates
* Build effective professional relationships and effective communication with your internal customers in a geographically distributed environment and with developers team
* Provide concepts, product requirements for internal automation tools for ongoing and ad-hoc audit and monitoring
* Testing and user acceptance of internal processes and technologies

О проекте

Team: Rakuten Advertising / Data Engineering Department
Compared to previous years, when we were focused on e-commerce receipts and processing data from them, our area of ​​activity is expanding. Rakuten Intelligence as part of Rakuten Advertising starts to work in several directions. Using the experience gained over 8 years on the market, we’re building new and expanding existing processes of the complete data delivery cycle for our customers from Rakuten Americas group.
When you are hired, you will join a new project and a young team. However, this doesn’t mean that you will remain in this team forever (unless that’s your desire). We welcome internal migration between the teams since it’s an excellent mechanism for broadening the horizons and developing innovation.
Looking forward to meeting you at the interview.

Company: Rakuten Americas. Our 20+ businesses span e-commerce, digital content, communications, and data analytics, bringing the joy of discovery to millions of members around the world. We’ve brought together a unique set of internet services that are changing the way retailers and marketers do business. With businesses such as Rakuten Marketing, Rakuten Rewards, and Rakuten Intelligence, we can offer marketers the platform and data intelligence to reach consumers at the moment they want to make a purchase.