During 2018-2023, Rakuten group has welcomed numerous talented Ukrainian professionals into the family, some of them have joined the Company as the whole teams (Slice, Forma Pro).
Our Ukrainian engineers and managers became the part of Rakuten Advertising, Rakuten Viber, Rakuten Rewards, Rakuten TV entities, what allowed us to strengthen up the Rakuten team with the best Ukrainian specialists in various professional fields.

More than 100 of Ukrainian professionals are now cooperating with the Rakuten group in various lines of business. Ukrainian office of Rakuten is located in Odessa, but now we offer a completely remote mode of work for local specialists. We are delighted with a fact that our Ukrainian team has members who have been working with us for 7 to 10 years or even more.
Rakuten is well-known for its unique corporate culture. The Company creates a truly international working environment, successfully implementing the best of US, EU and Japanese business values and approaches, engaging knowledge, creativity, and passion to the result in multinational and diverse teams.

People are our power — come and grow with us.
It’s our people, who make our company that great. We attract specialists to develop diverse teams on every level and we invest in their progress.
Great things happen when talent and opportunity meet.
Are you ready to create your future with Rakuten Advertising?

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