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200...800 специалистов
Киев, Харьков, Львов, Днепр, Одесса

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О компании

In short, we want our customers to eat every time, as in a restaurant: at home, in the office, on a picnic — anywhere we can deliver orders. Or so that they don’t have to stand in line at the supermarket checkout or carry heavy bags — our couriers have pumped biceps and stress resistance, so they will take on this task as well.

Rocket is for fun, openness and technologies: we create effective and innovative solutions that literally make life easier. And we do it with a smile, because we love the process itself, not just rejoice in the results.

Regarding the results:
for already two years Rocket operates regular flights in 26 cities of Ukraine;
a team of 200+ cosmically people;
our partners are more than 3000 cafes, restaurants, bars and shops;
and we don’t plan to stop: in 2021 we are going to fly outside Ukraine. Not to space yet, but close to it.

How did it all start? It started with an honest desire to create a great delivery service, which would be #1 in Ukraine. In March 2018 in Dnipro city we had only three couriers and delivered 83 orders from 5 restaurants. Over the next 12 months we have delivered 9,000 orders. Now — we won’t even count, because this number is growing literally every day.

Dialogue and total happiness of clients are very important for us. Our couriers do not just bring orders; they bring atmosphere and mood. And if something went wrong — we are in touch here and now, without templates, with a sincere desire to help. So everything works like a mechanism, like a rocket. For this we are loved by customers, couriers and by partners too.

We want our clients to have more time for pleasant things in their lives, rather than for endless cooking, washing dishes or building emotional endurance in queues routine. It doesn’t have to be that way. Enjoy life just by having dinner with family and friends, exercising, reading, or maybe just carefree watching how fast flowers grow in its pots. Why not? Life is here and now.