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Railsware is a product studio. Since 2005, we have shaped our craft in product management, engineering, design, and marketing. Now, we apply it to both solutions for clients and our own products. Clients hire us to build and implement an entire product strategy, from the ground up.
22 октября 2019

Data Analyst

Киев, Краков (Польша), удаленно

Необходимые навыки

🔹2+ years of experience as a BI/Data Analyst working with rather high quality small-to-medium datasets on a wide range of contexts. Different from a Data Engineer, who works with big data, and spends months in order to identify various trends in a single context
🔹Extensive experience with Google Sheets/Excel, SQL
🔹Experience with Data Blending
🔹Successful cases related to managing Business Intelligence projects independently, based on the business objectives
🔹Hands-on experience with structured and unstructured datasets
🔹Experience with data modeling and data architecture
🔹Advanced skills in tuning data flows and setting up automations between various tools
🔹Hands-on experience with data visualization via reports and dashboards
🔹Strong verbal and written communication skills — must be able to explain data models, describe processes, and deliver data in an easy to understand manner for non-data savvy users

Будет плюсом

🔹Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, or technical specialities
🔹Experience with Python or R
🔹Experience with data frames platforms (Matlab, Maple, etc.)


🚩Work in the office (Kyiv, Ukraine / Krakow, Poland) or remotely from any location
⏰ Flexible working hours
💸 Railsware offers a competitive salary, savings program, and microcredits
💻Thanks to our hardware policy, you are able to use the best equipment and regularly update it
🌴 34 days per year as a vacation (24 standard vacation days + 10 working days to cover public holidays)
🏃Health policy budget will cover your private sports and healthcare expenses
✈️Yearly trip: Every year Railsware organizes a company retreat abroad for you and your partner. In previous years, we visited amazing places like Austrian Alps, Crete, Italy, and Croatia
🏢Our offices are equipped with modern ergonomic chairs and standing desks
🍒You can always find fresh food and drinks in our kitchen

🔥Learn more about Railsware benefits here:​Bonuses Benefits Long.pdf


🔸Discover domains via interaction with subject matter experts from different areas for gathering requirements
🔸Design, implement, maintain, and evolve data infrastructure within the company to keep data accurate and up to date (data sources we use include, but are not limited to: Google Spreadsheets, Airtable, Jira, Pipedrive, Amplitude, Google Analytics, Xero, Banks APIs, Zapier and many more tools to run the business)
🔸Build forecasts and models to discover trends, outliers and dependencies
🔸Visualize data to keep it available and representative (via Data Studio, Spreadsheets and other dashboards)
🔸Describe processes and approaches to data management
🔸Contribute to educational content creation

О проекте

We are looking for a diligent and goal-oriented Data Analyst to help us build a data-driven organization. The key aim of the position is to architect and maintain a data management system that will provide Railsware with all insights needed to make decisions in different areas of company activities.

Your major area of responsibility will be related to the company operations, consultancy, own products data — meaning providing insights about various parts of the business (including but not limited to forecasting, team efficiency, user engagement, projects progress etc).

Railsware is a product studio. Since 2005, we have shaped our own “know-how” in product creation💪. Railsware helped many US and EU startups to turn into multi-million-dollar companies. We have built our own products, that now have 500K+ of excited users❤️, and generate $1M+ a year 💸.

We look for people with high potential ready to evolve in multiple directions. The right hires shape a team of A-players to learn from and evolve together. We support Railswarians with outstanding benefits and remote work culture🌍.

Ready to become the next Railswarian? Apply today!🔥

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