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8 листопада 2023

BI Engineer (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, Краків (Польща), віддалено

Необхідні навички

🔸 2+ years of experience working as a BI Engineer
🔸 Extensive experience using Looker Studio and Power BI
🔸 Proficiency in crafting SQL queries for efficient data extraction and manipulation to support insightful reporting and dashboard development
🔸 Experience working with APIs: reading and understanding documentation, data structure, available sources
🔸 Ability to create visually appealing and insightful data visualizations, presenting complex data in a clear and easily understandable format to provide valuable insights
🔸 Practical experience with ETL processes and tools
🔸 Ability to work with unfamiliar data sources (e.g., CRMs, time tracking, billing systems, etc.)
🔸 Strong analytical mindset, enabling the identification of data patterns and drawing meaningful insights for data-driven recommendations to key stakeholders
🔸 Demonstrated ability to analyze and resolve technical challenges related to BI development and data integration
🔸 Effective communication skills to convey complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders, facilitating collaborative discussions
🔸 Strong focus on accuracy and precision while creating dashboards and reports, ensuring data accuracy and reliability
🔸 Fluent in verbal and written English

Буде плюсом

🔸 Knowledge of Python
🔸 Experience working with Tableau, Sisense, Qlik Sense, and other BI tools
🔸 Experience working with different domains and data sources, especially, in marketing domain (Google Analytics 4, Facebook Ads, etc)


👨‍🎓 Outstanding development culture bit.ly/rw-devculture
🚩 Collaborate with us remotely from any location or in one of our offices (Kyiv/Krakow) bit.ly/rw-remotecollab
⏰ We offer flexible hours
💸 Get competitive compensation, access to savings program and microcredits
📈 Phantom Stock Units to reward your contribution
💻 Thanks to our hardware policy, we use the best equipment and can regularly update it
🌴 34 days a year as a paid time off (24 standard days + 10 more to cover public holidays)
🏃 Health policy budget will cover your private sports and healthcare expenses
🤝 Participate in local and international conferences
🏢 Our offices are equipped with modern ergonomic chairs and standing desks
🍒 You can always find fresh food and drinks in our kitchen (if you prefer to work from there 😎)


🔹 Create visually appealing and user-friendly reports and interactive dashboards that visualize data and present insights for business users, select appropriate visualization techniques based on the data type, context, and audience
🔹 Research data sources and their APIs for building new reports or improving existing ones
🔹 Develop and maintain ETL processes to extract, transform, and load data from various sources into a unified format for analysis
🔹 Prepare and integrate data from multiple sources into the dashboards to ensure data accuracy and consistency
🔹 Prepare raw data for visualization, including cleaning, transforming, and aggregating data to ensure accuracy in the visual representation
🔹 Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including data team, marketers, and business stakeholders to understand their analytical needs and translate those requirements into technical specifications
🔹 Analyze and manipulate data efficiently using SQL to extract meaningful information and support decision-making processes
🔹 Monitor and optimize BI applications and processes to meet the business’s needs and improve efficiency
🔹 Proactively troubleshoot and resolve technical issues related to dashboard development, data quality, integration, or reporting, providing support to users encountering BI tool problems
🔹 Provide data-driven insights and recommendations to key stakeholders for decision-making
🔹 Stay up-to-date with the latest BI trends, methodologies, and technologies to implement best practices and enhance the organization’s BI capabilities

Про проєкт

We are seeking an experienced BI Engineer to join our team, responsible for designing, building, and maintaining high-quality reports and interactive dashboards tailored to the needs of our business, clients, and product teams. If you are passionate about transforming complex data into actionable insights, we encourage you to apply for the position of BI Engineer and contribute to our dynamic and innovative environment.

What will you work on:
🔹 Build Coupler.io templates: www.coupler.io/dashboard-examples
🔹 Contribute to internal and consultancy projects